Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A fairy tale for Suki

Can I tempt you? – Some fruit or some porridge? You can take on the wicked queen or the three bears – your choice. Just make sure you don’t end up holding the wooden spoon.

Girls want one thing only – And we’re prepared to work cooperatively together, if we have to, in order to get it. I think he may be calling for reinforcements!

Fucking Suki – I could end up with a broken nose here, if I’m not careful.

A philosophical exchange – Which comes first – the woman’s needs or the man’s? Who is providing the motivation and who is being motivated? I’m glad that this discussion involved a practical element, otherwise I’d just have fucked off!

No such thing as a free night – You better believe it! I didn’t get a wink’s sleep. I would have been better off sleeping on the back seat of the car.

Hanging around – Campanology can be so much fun when you go topless! I can still hear the ringing in my ears and feel the hands of the other bell-ringers who abandoned their ropes in favour of groping me.

Do you like jugs? – Of course, you do! But probably not of the sitting on the head variety.

Jurassic Suki – I think I’ll keep well out of the way of this dinosaur who put in an appearance on Pussy Pendulum Island. I know he was only a big plastic machine but some guy with a penis was driving that fucker!

Island girl – This guy came to the Island illegally – ie without paying. There was no way I was going to give him a traditional Pussy Pendulum welcome.

Suki keeps the paddle – Of course, there were no sharks but I thought I’d give the bastard a bit of a scare to make sure he didn’t return.

Molesting Suki – When a group of guys are determined to rape you, there is not a massive amount you can do about it.

A blade for pussy – Although I put up a bit of a fight to pass myself, so to speak, I knew what the inevitable outcome would be.

Suki at the beach with lolly – Happier times and I’m scantily clad in the sunshine, intent on giving this iced lolly a blowjob for the benefit of all male on-lookers!

Suki and the motorbike guy – I didn’t have long to wait before a real dick came along for me to suck on.

Suki gets her gypsy – Someone else took the brunt of this orgy while I enjoyed licking a gypsy girl in a quiet corner.

Suki sex strapped – The girls got extra-large strap-on cocks so that they could give me the fucking I deserve.

Targeting Suki – You can’t even lie out naked in a suburban park these days without raunchy teenagers giving you abuse. Luckily I’m a better shot than them and with a harder object as well.

Suki the huntress – Next time I went to the park I came better prepared and had no bother whatsoever.

One guy gets lucky – My two friends and I just happened to be in the mood and this guy just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Life can work out like that sometimes.

The full Monty – My look-alike girlfriend and I enjoy working together as a team to provide a comprehensive service to the right guy. He seemed happy!

A little Mexican for Suki – When I did escort work one summer in San Diego I met this tiny (in every sense) dwarf who ended the evening singing to me.

I could stimulate your imagination – While working as an extra at an adult film studio I fucked a guy who turned out to be a director.

I just need a pussy-loosener - He was an amazing ride but I failed to guess who he really was.

Some dialogue for Suki – He persuaded the producer of the porn movie to give me some words to say which meant I got paid more.

Cleared for final approach – I guess I carried my role in the Sci-Fi porn movie over into real life the next time I fucked a guy!

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