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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Don’t have sex with me

Park and ride – The number of times this has actually happened to me, not just in the guy’s head, doesn’t bear thinking about. However, this section is not all about me (some of it is) but about other people having sex. So you can enjoy that without thinking of me or making comparisons. Unless you want to, of course.

A gang-bang in the jungle – Unfortunately, this jungle encounter has only happened to me in my dreams but you have to live in hope, don’t you?

Blonde in the library? – I hate it when guys spew their cum somewhere other than where it’s supposed to go. I also hate it when they come before I do. She knows exactly how that feels.

Licked into submission – These Australian girls continue to enjoy each other’s outback. It would almost make you want to emigrate, wouldn’t it?

Barnacles on the bum – I’m glad this is not a problem I have. My bum is barnacle-free, ship shape and ready for a berth in any port.

Coming in torrents – I don’t often have to contend with masked fuckers, unlike this girl. However, she doesn’t appear to be complaining about anonymous sex and neither would I.

Redhead at the ready – Ah, the old loose tee-shirt and hot pants combination at work again!

Pizza boy – People should really know better than to burst in on you when you’re naked, even if they do bring pizza with them.

Slurping for victory – She’s really making a meal of this, isn’t she? Get it down you, girl, in one big gulp!

Pussy on the side – It’s great when two people from different backgrounds really hit it off. The crack is the best.

She’s so horny – Domestic service can be a bind and things are getting pretty bad when not even the family pets will lick you. I wonder has it anything to do with those farts she keeps cracking off!

Three hot girls – How thoughtful she is! I’m a firm believer in “the more, the merrier” too.

Two cocks – This is good but I think she could go at least one better!

Two birds on the beach – A tropical paradise and two girls brandishing a packet of condoms. Surely someone will get the message.

A model experience – Working as a model can be a testing, hand-to-mouth existence, but I suppose someone has to do it.

They all want a piece of me – I frequently have the feeling that dark forces are conspiring to get me. Showing plenty of cleavage and wearing no panties may be counting against me in the grand reckoning of life. Honestly, I’m a good girl really but I will have to cut down on all that late night vodka.

Fuck my gypsy – I deserve the rest for once. Let someone else take the fucking for a change.

Suki on the game – Some guys! The very idea that I should be paying him! End of scene!

The wrong place – I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, guys. Fuck me in the pussy or fuck off, OK?

He didn’t touch the sex slave – “No, the burglar didn’t do that. Suki is my sex slave submissive. She was like that the whole time. I have to tie her up when I go out or she would be fucking half the neighbourhood!”

Intimate support – So when I was young and naïve at high school my boyfriend told me his hands were numb from arthritis and I would have to accompany him to the loo to help him pee. Lying bastard just wanted me to take his cock in my hand to win a bet!

Not all there – Somehow this picture gives me the impression that I’m not all there, merely an outline of my true self. I just need someone to fill me in, I guess. Implants would help too!

Suki sparkling in the sun – Lots of sunshine and cool sea breezes but no sex on the beach for me. I don’t think it’s fair either.

Wondersuki – You don’t mess with me when I’m wearing this outfit. I’m a star in my own firmament.

Pole dancing me – Time for me to sparkle and for guys to stuff twenty dollar bills in my thong. No, I won’t give change!

Sex Queen Suki – Here I’ve been crowned but am still not having sex with anyone. I hope those “fuck-me” shoes start working soon!

Confession time – Sex toys are an inevitable consequence of unsatisfied horniness. This barren period can’t last forever, can it?

Pop-eyed – Everyone can make a mistake. Luckily I realised this wasn’t the real McCoy before things went too far.

Bathroom balls-up – Before anything worthwhile could happen here the bath water caused this guy to go flaccid and leave me fighting a losing battle. At least he ended up nice and clean.

Cheer me up – Nothing for it but to cheer myself up with a couple of cheerleaders. “S-U-K-I, take my pussy sky-high!”

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