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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Have sex with me

Suki is feeling horny – When I say “Have sex with me” I don’t mean it literally (collective wail!). I mean “Enjoy the sex which I am having” or “Join me and spectate while I am being fucked.” Anyway, don’t be too disappointed. Things get off to a bad start here, but don’t worry, they’ll soon pick up.

Suki brings herself off – Please pardon my Japanese expletives. I’m just going through a phase. Do you like my green contacts, by the way? I think they’re sexy! There’s nothing wrong with fucking yourself now and again. It reminds you that you are your first love.

Suki gets fucked at last – Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long, but I just had to ring my best friend to tell her about it. Perhaps I should have waited until the guy had finished before making the call. Where are my manners?

Suki in a triple jump – Yes, things are really getting off the ground now. Even though I had to share this nice cock with two friends it was a good way of bringing us together.

Suki says goodbye Sam – Some guys just get above their station. Of course, I did have to flatten him as he really did intend to hit me. We can’t have that now, can we?

So many cocks, so little time – Yes, I’m a busy girl. Loads of “clients” to satisfy and they don’t even pay me anymore. Here I’m working a triple shift to save time for other people who want a piece of me. If this goes on I may have to spread myself thinly which sounds kinkier than it is!

Exclusive rights – In your dreams, buddy! It ain’t gonna happen and it ain’t because “you is black,” neither. My sex life just doesn’t work that way. Sorry!

Escort service – It makes a pleasant change when a guy doesn’t want to stick his dick in me. This one just wanted me to hold his hand which I was happy to do – all night long!

His cock is too big for me – A rare occurrence indeed! This was very embarrassing for me, although not for him. His cock just would not fit it was so huge – almost the size of my thigh. We did work something out, though. Can’t disappoint a client!

Girl clients are my favourite – When I worked as an escort I loved servicing female punters. Needless to say they loved it too.

An audience for Suki – Selling dildos to frustrated women is great fun. Sometimes a product demonstration is necessary and I’m always happy to give it along with a pitch for my own product (my tongue, not the book!).

Suki fucks a foreigner – No breakdown in communication here. I only understand Japanese swear words and this girl was being perfectly polite as far as I could tell.

Scream on – I love to make a lot of noise when I’m coming. (1) It lets the other person(s) know that they’re having an effect on me and (2) it’s a great way to release pent-up emotions when you have an orgasm or two.

Any chance of a shag? – Is that a serious question? I don’t dress like this for a book reading. I’m looking for just one thing and I think I may just get it!

Hung like a horse – Even though this guy is hung like a horse he fits into me perfectly. Whoops! Oh, shit, he is a horse! My mistake! Should have worn my contacts! While I’m here I might as well, I suppose …

My very first sale – Nostalgia now and I’m back in my first year at high school. That’s when I realised that sexual entrepreneurship could be a career option.

Suki likes it doggy-style – Of course I do and lots of other ways besides. However, this little episode didn’t quite work out as planned.

Sex with strings – OK, they had a string sale at B&Q! Very obliging staff they have there. I’m just bound to please, I guess.

A born submissive – Yes, that’s me. Tie me up and fuck me and you will have a happy Suki on your hands!

He fucks me so well – Actually, I expect a little more from a boyfriend or maybe I don’t.

Dildo orgasm – I’ll generally do whatever a client wants, especially if they’re rich and into oil.

Suki sucks – Many a happy hour I spend on my knees with a dick in my mouth. It sure beats working for a living!

Suki sucks some more – I don’t make this little speech for every client. They’d think I was strange but this time it seemed to suit the occasion.

Suki goes on sucking – How can I talk with my mouth full? What you’re seeing is a moment frozen in time, but the words spoken are like a backing track that goes on playing, captured in the gulps for breath between sucks.

Suki’s choice – Of course, I am! I much prefer it when my pussy is fucked but I’ll just have to wait until the next time.

Taking Suki from behind – The three of us were so intent on getting to grips with this guy’s cock that we forgot ourselves and I inadvertently offered up my ass to the other guy in the room. He wasn’t one to waste an opportunity and I was in no position to claim immunity or complain.

A happy foursome – Now this is how I like a foursome to be with me getting all the attention. People will insist on playing doctors and nurses!

D’you fancy a fuck? – Nurses and nurses is also good! I really am greedy when it comes to sex and am always seeking more than my fair share.

Sex slave Suki suffers – Whoever dreamed up plucking pubes individually needs an internship with Remington. There are times when you have to say “No” to your Master or Mistress and this should have been one of them.

I can survive – OK, I’m a sex addict but I don’t need a cure, just more sex, respect for my choices and a lover that cares about me. Too much to ask?

Suki and the nun – I think this was probably a fake nun, judging by the length of her nails, but she was still skilled at fucking me which maybe puts the balance of probability back in the Convent court.

Nun shall sleep – The best devouring of my pussy there has ever been and she was still up for cock afterwards.

Suki’s sex therapy – This is the kind of sex therapy I need, not some psychiatrist getting me to relive my sexual experiences for his kicks.

Another orgy for Suki – When three women and one man are having a sex orgy, guess who gets to be centre of attention? Not me!

It has to be heaven – This is much more like it. I am the main attraction and everyone present is there to fuck me. No wonder that I recall the moment with pleasure.

The girl loves a gang-bang – I’m in my element here. Tied up, whipped, a cock in every orifice. Sure you couldn’t ask for more. Only a shame my gypsy friend had to miss it.

Suki’s present – Yes, those macho nuns know how to treat a girl, don’t they? I suppose I could have fought them off but then there would have been no fun!

Just fuck me – Another day, another orgy. I love a happy ending. I hope you do too.

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