Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

I want your cum

I want your cum in my mouth – Well, can’t make my wishes any plainer, can I? And still this guy is hesitating! Is he gay or what? Stay with it to find out.

Giving pleasure to others – Nope, he gave in to temptation as all men eventually do. It’s nice to receive praise when you put yourself out, isn’t it?

I am totally yours to fuck – No one can claim I’m not keen. I’m hoping for a reasonably quick turn-around and that he’ll want to fuck my pussy, having already successfully fucked my face.

Suki’s beautiful ass – He’s not ready to stick his dick in me quite yet but I’m more than happy with what he is doing to me.

Fucking Suki – Another guy, another fuck! What can I say? I do ask for it. Can you blame me? Loose top and no panties – what more can a girl do to make her intentions clear?

Suki sucks up to the boss – No beating about the bush here. I want cock so I head straight for it!

A very positive start – He seems to be interpreting the signals I’ve been sending out correctly at any rate.

You fuck me so well – This seems like a reasonable compromise. I’m forever getting into compromising positions, me.

Shoot your load for me – Oh, I do love a bit of bonding, especially if my pussy and my mouth are involved.

Another good fuck – What can I say again? It’s just been my week, I guess. However, sperm in my hair is a no-no, guys. Come inside me or don’t come at all!

Suki takes a rest – My boyfriend’s teenage son has the hots for me. It’s kinda cute but I’m not sure he should have wanked himself off while I was having a snooze and deposited his still dripping cock on my parted lips.

The categorical imperative – Don’t you just love waking up with a cock in your mouth!? Who am I to argue with a Law of Nature? If the young guy is compelled to fuck me by an overwhelming force that he is unable to combat, why should I fight him off?

His cock rampaged in my pussy – There is nothing immature about his penis. It ravished me repeatedly, simply irresistible so I didn’t resist. Instead I screamed out my pleasure very loudly over a long period of time.

Don’t tell your Dad – There would certainly be trouble if he didn’t keep our liaison secret. He had the sense to know that if his father found out I would be out on my ear and he wouldn’t have the chance to fuck his resident hot bitch-in-heat any longer.

Ram your cock into me – He kept on pestering me for sex and I usually succumbed. On this occasion he fucked me on the back seat of his father’s car while his Dad was in the house. It was so exciting!

Driving Suki wild – We made such a racket that I felt sure my boyfriend would hear us and discover everything. This made it all the more thrilling for my brinkmanship mentality.

Feeling his cock inside me – The ghost of his sweet young penis still haunted the dark caverns of my cunt hours later!

The torture chamber for Suki – A completely unrelated set of circumstances saw me dragged into a basement to be abused and assaulted by a couple of kinky low-lifes. Don’t ask!

Suki learns her fate – So I’m to be tied up and beaten for being sexy and beautiful? Does that make sense? I can understand the part where I’m being fucked for being sexy but the logic of being punished escapes me.

Raping Suki – I do wish they’d stop rambling on and just get to the sex part. It’s at least a couple of days since my last orgasm and a girl gets to pining, you know!

Give me all your cum – Of course, I did escape from the dungeon after coming profusely. My search for another orgasm brought me to this point where some extracurricular gymnastics were called for. All in a day’s exertions for your favourite sex huntress!

Jesus II – the second coming – You get all sorts of religious nut-cases turning up at nudist colonies under the pretence of saving your soul. All they really want is a good look at naked flesh and they usually get it. At least, if he read “The Pussy Pendulum” he’d have something else to complain about.

Suki succumbs to a threesome – Like I needed persuading! My initial shock at the intrusion of a third party quickly turned to a welcome and an invitation to join in. I like to maximise resources wherever possible, don’t you?

Suki is a four letter word – If the Barbarians no longer want to fuck me that means I’m fucked. My rugby career is over before it even started.

In the mood for love – Actually a nudist wedding would suit me better but that’s for another day. Fortunately, no magic potions are needed to get me going.

Suki can tease – I think guys get disproportionately excited when a girl takes her clothes off, even when she does it slowly and sexily to music. I like being the centre of attention, though, even if some of these guys are virtually foaming at the mouth.

Motel room sex – I reckon I made the right choice here for a night of passion in a sleazy motel. Especially as she brought me to the strip joint in the first place.

Free pussy to all comers – It’s probably true! If it’s free no one wants it, while when people did have to pay there was no shortage of interested parties. It’s just a crazy, mixed-up world.

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