Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Lesbian life

Suki keeps coming – Yes, non-stop ecstasy of the old-fashioned variety it was during my stay in the South of France. I could do with a lot more lie-ins like that right now, believe me!

Lost in a sea of endless cum – It’s true. Completely true. I’m not a sex addict. I just like having sex, that’s all. You can’t blame me. I refuse to be pigeon-holed. I’m only facilitating other people’s desire. Blame them if you must blame somebody.

A private show in public – So even though I was performing in public, it was really a private show for one very special person who arranged it all for me.

Nailing Blondie – And, of course, I had to thank her profusely, didn’t I?

Harem life with wall-to-wall pussy – Not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, there is unlimited access to starving pussy but it’s so limiting and claustrophobic an existence too.

Suki fucks the new girl – Just a little preparatory threesome with a new girl in the harem to get her used to what is to come. I’m a teacher, a giver, a leader of women. A sort of seraglio shop-steward, if you will. Of course, I fucked the other girls, but in a good way, a caring way!

A teenage fumble – A quick trip back in time to my teenage years here. No blonde was safe from my fingers and tongue when I was eighteen.

Fingering Suki – There was reciprocation, of course. Where would we be without it?

Look-alikes attract – My penchant for girls who look a bit like me was evident at an early age, vain bitch that I am.

Blondie overwhelms me – It wasn’t all one-way traffic. Back to blondes and they seemed to like what I had to offer them.

Lesbian show – It was a lot of fun to work in a lesbian show on stage. Getting paid and having sex with beautiful women – I’d make it compulsory if I could.

A toy to play with – For some reason my girlfriends would always go along with whatever I wanted to do. So obliging of them, don’t you think?

Licking my girlfriend’s anus is an art form – Once I get the bit between my teeth there is no letting go. I’ll chew away happily for hours. No probs!

Revelling in the cum – Sweat, cum and saliva are a potent mixture for any bedroom romp. A threesome really has so much going for it and the emotional baggage can be left at the door.

Suki really loves her girlfriend – Don’t you adore dresses that ride down as well as up in a primeval attempt to meet in the middle. I love all my girlfriends so much and take every chance I get to prove it to them, both individually and in small groups!

Shall I lick it? – More of a statement than a question but positive affirmation is always good.

Skilled pussy-licking – You have to admire people who can lick their own pussy (I wish!), but I much prefer the scenario where everyone is licking mine. It’s somehow more comforting, I guess.

Sex with Suki – Ooh, I seem to be enjoying this. I wonder if green stockings are really me, though.

Fucking Suki in the shower – Still, they did go with my eye-shadow, I suppose.

Another blonde bites the dust – Give me a faceful any time. It shows me I’m making an impact.

Rock on, babes – Pussy-sweetening prior to cunnilingus is such a good idea. I’d have candyfloss coming out of my pussy if I could!

Girls just wanna have fun – The more the merrier! Me and my look-alikes again! Apparently none of us can get enough pussy so we keep coming back to each other for more.

Bottom pinching is easy – There’s something particularly intimate about pinching someone’s butt. Don’t just do it to anyone, especially not total strangers. I find it reassuring when mine is pinched and I think it’s my duty to pass on the pleasure to my friends too in a confidence-building way.

Suki gets the girl again – Some girls need a little persuading but once they come around, they do come around.

Making my mark – There are those girls, and I’m one of them, who just love to be spanked. This beats a branding-iron any day, in my view!

Knocking the shit out of me – Oooh! She’s sooo dominant! I hope she fucks me too. After giving me a good walloping first, of course!

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