Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Li’l ol’ bisexual moi

Putting me in my place – My current girlfriend loves to beat me before she fucks me. She just likes to hear me scream and make sure I obey her. This is fine for her but leaves me not able to sit down for days on end and fucking hoarse as well. Perhaps she won’t be “current” for very much longer. Hint, hint.

Quick selfie – Yes, I got my own back by attacking her from behind in the bathroom. Another one for the family album, I think.

Fuck the tea – Another day, another blonde. I seem to have a certain type, don’t I? A good fingering will show her who is boss.

Trying my luck in the shower – It’s marvellous what a little soap and water can help you achieve when it comes to running your hands over naked flesh. A frisky frolic to start the weekend is in order.

Beach party – Ahh! A nice juicy redhead for me to enjoy. Things are looking up.

The fisting of a lifetime – Once in, I should have a really good rummage, shouldn’t I? You never know what I might find – used condoms, scrunched up coke cans, another cell phone!

Sorting out the girls – It requires a bit of effort but a double-headed dildo can really bring two people together. Funny, the closer we get the more fulfilled I feel.

Squeeze you dry – More fun with a blonde. It’s hard to top a good cuddle when you’re both into it.

Dildo heaven – These Ann Summers parties do sometimes get out of hand as we know, but when you get a good strap-on you might as well use it in your circle of friends. It’s just seven girls living the life. Nothing wrong with that.

The power of three – For those who prefer a more intimate orgy an all-girl threesome is guaranteed to please. I could gaze into your eyes forever, honey.

Suki seeks attention – Dig my tan and waistline plus the two cuties intent on pleasuring me. My kind of afternoon, guys!

Pet jealousies – Sometimes you have to keep your girlfriends apart. When your subs clash with one another all hell can break loose. Better to keep them separate for a quiet life, perhaps.

A big one for Suki – There is no substitute for pussy full to the brim and I’m calling my asshole into play too. Not for the first time it’s a case of me and two assholes.

If I’m not in it … - Unless I’m in the porn film I don’t get so much out of watching it. Don’t guys realise that I’d rather be rehearsing for a new one than checking out someone else’s probably amateurish efforts.

Suki’s one-stop shop – Yes, I cater for all tastes and if you’re an adult baby then sucking on my breasts is definitely for you.

Suki sucks off – The weather may be wintry and cold in Ireland but there are still hot cocks out there that need sucking. I’ll be answering Ireland’s call even if the guys are a bit oriental- looking. A cock is a cock in any location.

The spirit is willing – Sometimes you have to admit defeat. This particular cock is just too big even for me and my deep throat. It’s so lovely I just have to kiss it, though. Farewell, my love!

Urge to strip – I love strip-tease. It brings out my inner vamp and makes me feel so powerful. I love the attention of the whole room. Everyone just waiting for a flash of my pussy.

In my element – I feel just as at home with two guys as I do with two girls. A guarantee of satisfaction for all concerned.

Lying naked in the shade – At the beach just waiting to be fucked. Please hurry!

Knee-jerk reaction – As soon as I spot a naked man with a hard-on I move into automatic pilot mode and offer myself for copulation. It’s just what my genitals were made for.

Pussy of choice – Tuck in while it’s still hot. Not that I’m likely to go off the boil anytime soon but prime cut of pussy should not go to waste at whatever time of day or night.

Suki’s pussy needs stroking – The next-door neighbour’s kid was only getting to know my pussy when it ran off. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said out loud that he wanted to fuck it.

No more ass fucking – Yes, I’m swearing off being fucked in the ass … until the next time anyway!

Suki checks herself out – I’m having one for the road here. The best orgasms are usually self-inflicted, don’t you think?

Suki, bravest of the braves – I hope you don’t think badly of me. I have my reservations when it comes to sex. I usually wear this outfit when visiting them. The Native Americans seem to like it, anyway.

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