Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sexy selection

The bare minimum – Just the right outfit for a walk in the park, don’t you think? This is perfect beauty and it should be on display, of course, but she could at least have left her dress in situ rather than pulling it apart.

Barely a dress – Ah, the revealing yet cosy look for those nippy winter evenings. Just one little ladder in that body stocking and the dress is a goner though.

Cleavage central – That’s it, girl. Get your best feature out there in the public gaze. Flaunt them if you’ve got them, I say.

Little black dress 1 – The first of four little black dresses which show off their owners to the best advantage. This girl has everything! She’s perfect in every way.

Little black dress 2 – Another example of the accentuated cleavage which confirms the beauty credentials of this totally sexy creature. It doesn’t get any foxier.

Little black dress 3 – So kissable, this girl has sexiness carved into every inch of her breath-taking beauty.

Little black dress 4 and friend – Not just sexy, but fun-loving and with a tongue I’d like to get to know personally, this blonde in the black dress has brought a friend with her to the party. The sexiness is oozing out of both of them.

Little white dress – Not to be outdone, the little white dress makes an appearance and its owner fills it out nicely. I think I’d like to live the rest of my life welded to those lips.

Leopard baby – A figure to die for and a hint of the jungle make this baby shoot to the top of the desirability scale.

See-thru delight – If you have the body, why hide it? Physical perfection should be in the shop window for all to admire.

Scarlet looker – Ah! Red highlights! Not everyone can carry them off as well as this stunning beauty.

Kitchen no panty rule – Once I told this girl that panties weren’t allowed in the kitchen she immediately obliged. She’s ideal for the central feature of the buffet and totally edible.

Pantiless – No matter how hard she tries to pull her dress down to cover herself we all know that this girl isn’t wearing panties. That just makes her all the more sexy, as if she wasn’t sexy enough already.

Stunning duo – What would a threesome with me and these two be like? I have to go off and lie down while I think about it!

The breast view – A mirror provides double the pleasure. Just outstanding, honey, you really are.

The joy of tight denim shorts – You can practically smell the sea air and feel the breeze. It doesn’t get any more perfect than this.

Jungle Jane – Can you hear the drums beating or is it just my heart-beats magnified by the sight of this red hot babe? I know where my face is going at least.

Nubile nude – Whoops! Somewhere else for my face to go! How sheet-scorchingly sexy can one person get? This is the answer to that one.

Hair today – That’s it, honey. Give it a quick brush last thing before you head out. Clothes? Who needs them when you have an all-encompassing mane?

Real laid back – Another girl with no need for clothes due to her expansive hair-style. Love the igloo, honey. Let’s rub noses sometime.

Oil strike – She looks about ready to slip into something more comfortable (like my embrace). Now, if that were butter we should really start licking it off right away, shouldn’t we?

Water baby – Being cool in the pool must be the rule. I don’t know about you but I’m going for a swim. Adios amigos!

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