Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Some serious sex

Pool problem solved – When the males of the species are not so alpha, it’s nice to have a cool blonde tartlet to fall back on, so to speak. The added bonus is that we get an audience for our love-making so that everyone has something to get excited about.

A steamy pussy-munching session – We had so many re-takes during the filming. Not because we were getting it wrong, but rather the director wanted different camera angles and so we needed to do certain bits over and over until all the angles were covered. Either that or the crew just liked watching us fuck one another.

Another blonde victim – I enjoy spanking my little blonde honey but I think she enjoys it even more. Hers is a bottom to savour all the same.

“The Pussy Pendulum” drove her wild with desire – I’m bound and gagged and completely subservient to my Mistress. She is so beautiful and serene that I can’t complain though. She moves mountains to ensure that I get all the fuckings and beatings I deserve. Such a kind and thoughtful dominant and so deft with a strap-on or just a strap. I’m truly spoilt.

Sandy tussle – Had a session with my favourite gypsy friend today on the beach. We tore the bikinis off each other and rolled about in the sand like wild animals. Pure magic!

Finding shit – An incredible anal fisting in a ploughed field courtesy of another girlfriend. Very dirty fucking can be fun too, I suppose. It was certainly exhilarating.

Caught in the shower – Met my she-male friend in the shower at the gym. She was fucking me before we even said hello. You have to admire her enthusiasm, I guess.

The princess has been snookered – These could be mistaken for toffee apples but they’re not, believe me. Love-balls the size of snooker balls I had to fish out of blondie’s ass. How she ever got them in there I’ll never know.

Holding position – We posed like this for an hour so that the artist could get this drawing done. The sex afterwards was all the better for having to wait patiently for it.

Kissing Suki – A lovely half hour spent smooching with Ginger. I’ll swear that her tongue goes more than half way down my throat. It’s a wonder I can breathe when she kisses me.

Suki is not the only slut – My girlfriends have just as much fun as me sometimes. It’s great when you can be yourself with your friends and no one judges you.

Women’s rugby team post shower – Not a scene from a harem as you might expect, but female rugby players relaxing after a game. Great team work is fostered by this kind of post-match bonding, as you can imagine.

Does my asshole look big in this? – Well, yes, frankly it does! What would you expect when it gets used so often and usually by guys with huge cocks too?

The power of suggestion – All I really need is someone to suggest it and I’m ready to do what comes naturally. Of course, the first thing I do when I get home from work is take my clothes off and have sex. What else would I do?

Up to your neck in slavery – Yes, I believe in sharing the stocks and so does my Mistress. We have to play games like this because of the complete absence of anyone who is well-hung around here!

Themed bargirl work – Because I love swimming, especially swimming in the nude, I thought this would be ideal “work” for me. How wrong can you be! Having to come up for air every couple of minutes was a mood killer and the punters tended to just look at you rather than want any actual involvement. Well, who wants a shivering naked girl, soaked through and dripping as well as thoroughly pissed off, sitting at their table and occasionally picking tropical fish out of her fanny?

Cold-hearted bitch – Don’t mess with the Sukster when she’s engrossed in something! You have been warned. My cleavage death grip is world famous among people with a sore hand.

Stop that, Rover! – So I thought I was being nice, licking my friend’s cock as he lay naked on the beach. His big gut prevented him from seeing who it was so he just assumed it was his pet dog. I thought I was better than that! All my illusions shattered!

What’s the matter, horn? – Ah, the Alpine air! Or am I on the lot at Paramount Pictures being fucked by the clapper loader? Can’t quite remember which!

Behind the back fucking – Sometimes I’m too nice! I should have told this guy where to go instead of letting him fuck me just a few yards from where his girlfriend was standing. I guess I just love the elements of forbidden fruit and edgy danger as well as being fucked, of course.

Four in a four-poster bed – Total harmony here. Nobody is jealous of anybody. I suppose the fact that it’s on the set of a porn film helps.

Suki, the Queen of the jungle – Do I really have to ask? Sure, they’re going to fuck me. Was I born yesterday or what?

Stop monkeying around – No, I’m not even going to ask this time. I’ve read the fucking script, haven’t I?

Suki loves stroking her pussy – Stuffed tigers are great for still images, don’t you think?

Give me a puddle – And I’ll go swimming in it! It’s back to nature for me – ooh, the sensuality of it!

Dreaming of Pussy Pendulum Island – Yea, at heart, as you know, I just want to be tied up and fucked – the simple life is the one for me!

Finding Suki – It’s very easy to get lost when you are out communing with Nature. A naked frolic in the vegetation is right up my street but I’m sure it won’t be long until some guy finds me and fucks me to bits. Same old, same old. I just love it!

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