Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suffering for sex

Here to please you – I’m a pleasure-loving girl but sometimes you have to suffer before you get to enjoy. Don’t worry, I don’t mean that you will have to suffer. It’s me that will be suffering for your pleasure.

Suki gets her fill – As you know, I love a nice big cock thundering into me, filling my pussy with hot cum. I seem to have hit the jackpot with this particular spunkman.

Photocopying my pussy in action – So, after office hours this guy invited me round to his office to sit on the photocopier and give the cleaners a thrill. I think I was leaning on the copy button while he fucked me because I came out with dozens of images of my butt and pussy at play.

I love older men – And fortunately they seem to be fond of me as well. Perhaps not the most comfortable position for fucking but you’ve got to seize the moment when it arrives. I’d rather be fucked up against the wall or out of the window than not be fucked at all.

Patient view – So this guy liked dressing up as a mummy and have me pendulum onto his cock while he dripped hot wax on my tummy. It takes all sorts, you know.

A hunk surprise – Doggy style is good especially when a big hunk with bad breath is giving you the rhythmic deep thrusts into your pussy. The surprise on my face is because I hadn’t seen him sneak up behind me, although he wasn’t a total stranger. Like, we did know each other beforehand.

Another fucking guy – Like my gold jewellery? Sitting astride is good for me because I get to control the rhythm and make sure it suits me. The down side is I have to put in more effort for the same result which is a pussy full of hot cum.

Come on my face, why don’t you? – I’ll never understand why guys do this, especially as I’m a born swallower and so willing to suck a guy dry. This time it was out of him before I could even open my mouth. I guess he had seen too many porn films where this happens. On the plus side it seems that I only have to touch a penis lightly for it to burst forth its treasures.

Wonder which he’ll choose – There are always guys who make straight for the anus even when a perfectly serviceable pussy of luxurious proportions is opened up before them. I’ll never understand men, I guess.

Please fuck me – Chambermaids are great! They get so many offers but always seem to find the energy from somewhere to five star service me as well as the hotel room.

A tongue lashing – Forget air kissing – this is my kind of greeting. I wish more people would do it. It’s not really being over-familiar and you shouldn’t have to just wait to be asked!

Route 69 – No maps needed. It’s an all-nighter, folks! Those tongues will still be wagging at dawn.

Having my wings clipped – Honey, they’ve shrunk the Suki! She came at me with a needle and thread and before I knew it I was strung up and she was squeezing my tits. I blame the fairy dust, your Honour.

Sword swallowing pussy – Ooohh! That’s sharp! And for my next trick I’ll swallow your clitty, Xena honey.

Suki suffers for sex – I’m going to be getting it rough from now on. I expect plenty of sympathy, warm caresses and sexy kisses to banish my tears.

Be there to comfort me – While I enjoyed being gang-banged in the medieval theme park at the time, it seems that the mental repercussions have left me sexually scarred. Multiple rape is perhaps not all it’s cracked up to be after all.

Suki is a fun ride – All those guys just went too far and my initial consent was an excuse to completely take advantage of me. Luckily my girlfriend helped to stabilise me in the aftermath.

Kissing away my tears – Oh, kiss me on the neck and suck on my tits and I’m well on the mend.

Fit for a king – Eating pussy is a meal to savour and it certainly saved me. Her too probably.

A nightmare for Suki – My recurring bad dreams meant I needed a lot of comforting and my gypsy lover did not disappoint.

Built like a Shire horse – The theme park staff had been keen for me to mix in with the lads. It’s good to know that my blow job technique was earning me brownie points, but going down has to stop before it gets out of hand, so to speak.

Suki pays for her sins – I’m not sure that I had committed any sins, other than the usual coveting asses, but suddenly the park employees all seemed to turn against me, egged on by their female boss, no doubt. Maybe if you gang-bang someone you lose all respect for them. Even the women there were nasty to me.

A pendulum pussy for Suki – They were all envious of me and jealous of my novel success with “The Pussy Pendulum” (available in paperback or as an e-book). The female boss of the theme park was the ringleader and made my life hell as often as she could.

Suki in the Twilight Zone – So many dicks to suck! I lost count of the number of times my mouth was fucked by out-of-control employees.

The nightmare is back – They chained me up in a cell and made me wear a mask to de-humanise me. Then guys would creep into my cell and grope me in the middle of the night.

The Madam fingered me – It reminded me of the time when the Madam of a brothel kept me as a sex slave and took every opportunity to humiliate me.

I was kissing this girl – The staff at the theme park made me tell them lurid stories of the times I had fucked other women.

Gone for some time – I related every detail of my lesbian adventures for their entertainment and arousal.

The future is looking good – My support team of carers has really been looking after me recently. I feel that I may be turning the corner and things will be better for me soon.

Suki is on fire – The nightmares are gradually receding and everyone is so kind to me these days. It’s only a matter of time before I’m my old self again.

The medical team is turned on – The therapy sessions seem to be working by helping me relive events while in a secure setting and put them in perspective. I get the feeling that the clinic staff are starting to like me.

No more torture – The new boss at the medieval theme park took a shine to me as well. She ended my torture and the therapy really picked up on the positivity of that.

Celebrating success – The clinic staff members were so thrilled that I had come through all the trauma that they held an orgy to celebrate. I wasn’t thankfully the centre of attention this time. One of the nurses took on that role as it was her birthday and everyone got to fuck her, including me. Wow, if that’s not a happy ending …!

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