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Suki at large

What can we do now? – Four bored horny girls wondering what they can do. I have a few ideas of my own which involve nubile blonde babes and well-endowed hunky guys. But that’s just me, isn’t it?

Orgy spotting made easy – On Pussy Pendulum Island there is always something of interest happening somewhere. The key thing is how fast can you get to where the action is?

Fighting for my honour – Enjoy it for its rarity value alone! I don’t often put up a fight to prevent the sex act but this guy just gives me the creeps with his superhero persona – Wankerman!

Suki of the Fighting Sukis – Martial arts is one of my things and I’m quite good at it. You take me on at your own risk, guys.

Suki, bedroom warrior – Yes, I keep a lance under the bed for emergencies. The rest of the time I just let guys fuck me of their own free will.

The guy should be in control – I’m a great believer in this. I’ll happily give up control to a guy with the right equipment who knows how to fuck me.

Night train to Sexville – Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow. I could probably have taken the gun off the old guy but why spoil a party?

Beach etiquette – Girls are still my top priority and I’m in favour of sharing out guys with my bisexual friends. On the beach you’ll just have to take me as you find me.

Have me on your worktop – Okay, I can be a tease sometimes too. I’m just having fun and not trying to hurt anyone. Some people have to learn their lessons the hard way.

I’m her girlfriend – Yes, she is and she does but that doesn’t mean I can’t hog the camera when we’re out in our finery.

Suki kisses her favourite blonde – There are those times when I can’t keep my hands or my lips off my blonde Barbie doll look-a-like. We’re so good together it’s breath-taking!

Where do I get the energy from? – Life with my girlfriend is almost like one continuous lesbian sex session. It’s only a wonder we can still stand up and walk.

Princess Charming – She is a really chivalrous girl when it comes to flirting with me. I’m put on a pedestal for the artist to draw and her to admire.

True love for Suki? – No, we’re not getting married. This is just a bit of dressing-up fun while preparing for a friend’s wedding. It did get us thinking though.

Suki shops for Ireland – I seem to spend days at a time going in and out of stores on the look-out for clothes and accessories. Well, what else could a girl be doing with her free time?

Kissing his bitch – Okay, she was already spoken for but she was so cute and sexy I just had to give her a try. We kissed and caressed each other for about half an hour before she decided her bi-curiosity had been fully tested.

Pussy control – Even when you think you’ve got a hot pussy in your hands, it ain’t necessarily so. Some pussies will just never walk to heel.

Model plane crash – This is how I imagine how a model plane crash would look like. The girls would amuse themselves by dancing to the beat of the jungle drums and, of course, at least one of the models would fuck the pilot. Why wasn’t it me this time?

I fucked a girl and she liked it – And why wouldn’t she? Unfortunately, she got a bit clingy afterwards so I had to give her the brush-off. Poor Katie!

The offers keep coming – What is it with me and blondes? I just can’t get enough of them. Do you blame me?

An impromptu ride for Suki – This was a completely spontaneous fucking session. Nothing prompted it. We just saw each other and started tearing off our clothes. On the floor in the library is just so “me.”

Give me all you’ve got – Another quickie in the lunch-break. A really good shag can set me up for the afternoon like nothing else.

Sex on wheels – Somehow being fucked during the daytime in a car in the multi-storey is exciting. Even more so when the guy’s dick swells to giant proportions.

I’m so popular – My reputation is spreading, it seems. It’s wonderful to be in such demand. I just wish my ass didn’t have to take so much of the flak!

Another life-saver – More reasons for me to scream my head off. I’m getting the very best of cock these days. I mustn’t look a gift-horse in the mouth, must I?

Love and kisses from Suki – Lots of lovely green stuff. I may drown in it, if I don’t drown in cum first. Keep those dollars rolling in, guys. Your Suki loves you for it!

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