Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki can’t get enough

Breakfast at Suki’s – Wow! Greedy girl, aren’t I? I just love having two sausages instead of one. It’s great to be spoiled while being squeezed between a couple of hunks. My Mom probably knew I was having the living daylights fucked out of me first thing in the morning as I scream the house down but she didn’t say anything bad to me. I guess she realised I’m a responsible citizen.

The ride of the century – One of these days I’m going to choke with two cocks in my mouth at once but until then I shall keep on sucking. Double penetration somehow makes me feel wanted and useful. I don’t get claustrophobic when guys sandwich me in like this. I just adore the intimacy of being fucked and fucked so incessantly that I lose my mind and exit to a higher plane.

A Google Map to Heaven – With a guy at either end thrusting their huge dicks deeply into me I sometimes wonder what would happen if they were to ever both meet in the middle. I would be well and truly spit-roasted then!

Is my name Suki? – All good things must come to an end if only to allow new good things to get started. My colleagues at work were taking a break in the warm weather so I thought I might as well join them for a session in the cool of the basement. Yes, more fucking, lucky me! Just as well we were in the basement because, as you know, I never come quietly.

Red sails in the Suki – Yes, I must admit this is a strange picture. For a start I’m wearing far too much for the beach and I seem to have sprouted wings and donned a shark’s teeth scrunchie. Still, the water looks inviting. Can’t wait.

Swordfighter Suki – Time for some sabre-rattling instead of verbal fencing. Say what you like about me, I know how to make a point.

Suki looks incredible – Yes, flatter me, why don’t you? If I really looked this delicious I wouldn’t be posing for artists like this and they wouldn’t be drawing me, they’d be fucking me.

Fucking incredible – That’s better! Forget posing and just get down to fucking me. It’s why I’m here, isn’t it?

Incredible sex – The old strap-on dildo seems to be doing its job. Another orgasm on the way, folks. I really can’t get enough of them.

Suki is hard to believe – Yes, where is my next fuck coming from? Does anyone know?

Gym encounter – Thank goodness for the gym. Where would we be without it as a pick-up joint? I think I may have scored with this blonde. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Moral combat – Ah, this is my kind of computer game where a Suki look-a-like licks out my pussy and anus with a vengeance. Oh, move to the next level if there is one, honey.

Not quite harmony – Really we get on the best, but we do tease each other from time to time. A little slag here and there does no harm, I say.

Suki is so sexy in Nice – And I’m nice too. Just when I thought I was going to get away from it all and have a rest from sex my girlfriend bonks me all night. Is that fair? Oops! She went on to fuck me silly for the entire week I was in the South of France. It’s such a hard life sometimes!

Suki, the buffet – I was the centre piece finger buffet at the S&M club dinner and everyone ate off my naked body. I didn’t appreciate this girl using a knife and fork. She should be using her fingers on me. The big boss had to tell her it was mouths and fingers only. Luckily she got the message and ended up fingering me more than anyone else.

Suki can’t wait to pee – There are times, when all the cubicles are occupied and you can’t be arsed with the acrobatics required to use the handwash basin, that you can hold back no longer. I just had to let it all flow out of me onto the floor. What a joy and relief a pee can be!

Catching Suki – Who am I kidding? Of course, they both caught me in the first thirty seconds.

Cum-sharing in the shower – See! I’m not greedy at all! There’s enough for everyone.

This is magic, Suki – I feel at home on a desk-top. In fact, I feel at home anywhere I’m having my brains fucked out of me.

Suki fucks an architect – There is something exciting about seducing a man with power. He’s been responsible for more erections than even me, you know.

Back to the drawing board – Floors or easels – it makes no difference to me. As long as we’re fucking I’m happy.

Redesigning my vagina – Yes, he had me on designs as well as having designs on me. I think it was a demolition job before rebuilding my pussy from scratch!

Suki’s sex chat – I often lie like this when I take telephone calls. I just need inspiration because people are always wanting me to talk dirty to them.

One last treat – Please don’t tell anyone about this! It was a one-off or, if you insist, a two-off. I’m not doing it for everyone I’ve been out with or I’d be doing nothing else until Christmas. Hmmm?

I’m naked and kissing – It doesn’t matter where I am, I’ll drop everything if my girlfriend decides she wants a long-drawn-out kissing session with me.

Ass eating for beginners – Her rear end is magnificent and just has to be devoured on the spot.

How do I fuck girls? – Well, this is just one answer of many. I did have to tell the young lady, who was enquiring, something and nothing else was happening just then.

Holding onto our customers – Yes, I do bend over backwards for people and have been known to grab a tight hold of something I want, too. It’s sometimes the only way of making sure you get it.

Beach wear is bitch wear – That’s bitches of the in-heat variety anyway. We all got satisfaction in the end.

Suki lezzes out – Sometimes you have to rely on yourself for an orgasm, though.

What you’re missing – People should be made aware when they miss out on opportunities. Still, there’s always next time, isn’t there?

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