Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki goes wild

The art of dominating men – Don’t ask me! I’ve never been good at this. I just go all squishy inside and have an overwhelming desire to do whatever a guy wants me to. I just love pleasing men and, of course, I do like them to please me too. However, if the particular guy wants to be dominated that’s a whole other thing. That I can do, as here. Drink that toilet water (freshly spiced with my pee), darling, and afterwards you can clean out my anus with your tongue. No deep kissing for you tonight!

Suki and friends – Here I am with some chums, all of us hoping to please the man of our dreams. Are you up for taking on all five of us? I thought not. Just take your pick then, I guess.

Conflict transformation – A girl-fight can quickly transform into wild lesbian sex, as you can see. I’ve forgotten why we were fighting but am very glad I finished up passively lying underneath this girl while she kissed and caressed me.

Give me ass – Do you ever have the overwhelming urge to plunge your face between the ass-cheeks of a girl wearing skin-tight lycra? It happens to me all the time.

An unknown stranger fucks Suki – This happens to me rather a lot too. I just dare not set foot in a South American country without being arrested by corrupt border guards and fucked by their buddies. No objections from me by the way. I like a bit of corruption now and again. It’s good for the soul, if not for the hole!

My loins are burning – And so they should be! This guy screwed me to the bed, the wall, the floor … you name it and I was screwed to it, like a carpenter’s dream.

Suki gets humped by a hunk – So what else is new? I just cling on and thank the stars for the ride. It seems there is an endless supply of hunks ready to stick their dicks into me at the drop of a hat. I’m so lucky!

Another big one for Suki – When it comes to being impaled on a hot spike I’m definitely your girl. More than happy to be pounded against a grey background, that’s me.

An arty trio – My favourite – a threesome in public. You don’t have to be in South America to be arrested for this, but it helps!

Suki, the spunk catcher – Some guys get so uptight that they spew out their cum prematurely. I don’t mind this so long as they don’t use me as a spunk-dump. My pussy is a temple where you’re welcome to worship but remember the high priestess gets pissed off if you leave your litter instead of a contribution to the orgasm fund.

Turned on as a teen by “Uncle Jim” – Ah! Nostalgia and my teenage years. My Uncle Jim may not have been a Mexican border guard or my real uncle but he certainly knew how to corrupt me. Of course, I loved the attention and the sex lessons came in handy too.

To heaven and back – More teenage antics! What didn’t we get up to way back then? – Happy Days!

Two get tips – My entrepreneurial and marketing skills developed early.

Pausing for munch – At College I got to sample some of the unlimited pussy on campus.

Pizza or pussy? – This is not a serious question, surely!

Her worst enema – Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and fuck whatever presents itself, even if you don’t really fancy it. There are those who exercise sexual power and control without deserving to.

Batman needs pussy too – All the Robins in the world don’t add up to one cat woman, honey. So you got me by the short and curly end of my whip, eh? Where are you going to fly me to tonight, big guy?

A visit from Dave – Dave is a friend we really like. I think he likes my girlfriend and me just as much.

The video archive – Remember video? Remember home-made porn? Of course, you do!

A much better idea – Of course, watching is fine but taking part is miles better.

Dave does the job – It’s hard to beat a late night burst of Dave, although we shouldn’t, of course, mock the weak!

Pussy knows best – Hooray! I win all the prizes! How could it possibly be otherwise, darlings?

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