Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki in the swim

A last minute signing – I’m very fond of swimming as readers of “The Pussy Pendulum” will know. I particularly love sub-aqua, although I am also quite happy crawling along or breaststroking. But, of course, you know that.

Suki will get wet – Even when I’m not swimming I have a tendency to get wet rather easily but on this occasion, much to my surprise, the other girls in the swimming club treated me quite well and I didn’t need to unpack my martial arts skills to defend myself from a ducking (No, that isn’t a spelling mistake).

Can we just fuck? – No messing! During down time at the brothel you just get straight to it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As soft as silk – A liberated pussy allowed to go free-range and a long, lingering bedroom romp – just what I need!

Suki kneels – Of course, I had to do a lot more than kneel to get this fur coat but you get the picture. Sure, I’m still paying for it. Nothing is cheap these days, least of all me.

Triple Suke – Three images for the price of one. As you can tell, these are my favourite jeans, allowing me to display the fact that I do wear panties sometimes. I will have to get myself a new pair of jeans pretty soon! Panties too! For some reason people keep constantly ripping my panties off me!

Wondersuki’s orgasmic thought – Thinking of something sexy? So am I! Can’t you tell?

Dildo rider – There are times when you just have to take matters into your own hands and get where you want to be with the help of an artificial aid.

Caught in the light – It may have only been a stage spotlight but it seems to have got me when I was in a particularly good moment.

All fired up – Devil-may-care me has attitude and usually gets het up when standing too close to the fire. No, I haven’t gone to hell yet but it could be an option, I suppose.

Naked Suki – Feeling frisky, chirpy, effervescent and ready for everything life throws at me in this picture. No, you may not “f” my pheasant.

Pierced Suki – Nice hips but I’m not sure about the tummy piercings. Ears, navel, pussylips – yes. (Not the tongue, please). How many piercings should a girl have?

Girl Friday – Sweet innocence with tits! Once my eyes recover from the glare I must go in search of my nose. Where could that illustrator have hidden it?

Suki with hunk – No wonder I’m sulking. I hook up with the only gay in the temple and any plans we had to save the world go AWOL.

Dangerous times – It’s OK, honey. I’ll protect you from the big ape with the sword. The extra set of arms really suits you, by the way.

Suki is a knock-out – I was just getting into my fighting stance when this guy was floored by the sight of my pussy. It’s a cunning stunt, I know!

Trussed in me – Hours of fun for my girlfriend and me. Thank you, B & Q.

The plumber knows a trick or two – Ah, tradesmen! Where would we be without them? I like a man with a nice set of tools.

Fingering Conchita – The deadly nostril grip! Just think ten-pin bowling and you’ve mastered it!

Suki and the Sea Scouts – It’s hard to beat a good rummage when it comes to genital probing. I wonder do they expect badges for this.

Suki goes double or quits – Yes, I’ll have both of them at once and we’ll worry about filling in their achievement certificates later. Can you smell the sea too?

A good shag – That special pussy moment which a girl like me relishes so much.

A massive dick – When it stands to attention for a royal visit there is really only one thing one can do, isn’t there?

Prime cock for Suki – And here I am ready to devour a hot one.

Play ball – So, the object of the game seems to be for the ball in my mouth to go inside the blonde’s mouth or am I missing the point somewhere? Men’s sports can be so hard to understand if they don’t take time to explain the rules.

A pistol in my pussy – I get the rules of this game alright. It’s terrorise the Suki time! Even though I know it’s only a water pistol every time he pulls the trigger it still makes me jump. The icy blast of water up my vage doesn’t do me any favours either.

No peeping – This is a true story, folks. It happened to a friend of mine once. Men can be so obvious sometimes, can’t they?

Thanks for coming – In so many ways rappers are like rapers, aren’t they? What is a “p” between friends, eh? I’m tied to the bed and confronted by four big, black guys with huge dicks. What would you do? Yes, it was probably the best couple of hours I’ve ever spent!

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