Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is at it again

Wondersuki and the three cocks – Here I am in typical cum-shot pose with three guys emptying their balls over my face, hair and naked breasts. I just love it when a plan comes together and I did work so hard to get the guys to this stage.

Suki earns an easy crust – It’s true. Some guys think they are God’s gift to womanhood whereas in reality they are only able to please themselves during sex.

Suki, the good time girl – I liked to put myself out for first-timers. It’s so important that they have a good experience the first time so that they keep coming back again and again for more. The works for this guy were well worth it, I assure you.

A weekend at the Chateau – I spent four months at the Chateau with the “Countess” and a handful of other girls. We had a great time and it was a nice little earner at 3,000 euro per person for the weekend.

A spark for Suki – I never failed to hit it off with my co-workers on the adult film set and sometimes off it too!

Models have it tough – Yes, life as a model/escort girl could be really energy-sapping but I think it was made partially tolerable for us girls due to the fact that we could fuck each other whenever we had a break. Another great threesome for me here with one of my look-alikes and a lovely little blonde creature who was so unbelievably fuckable.

Suki makes a bargain – Old habits die hard! For some reason I find it difficult to refuse to have sex with men who give me lots of money!

Suki’s latest trick – I did have the wool pulled over my eyes and the carpet pulled out from under me here though. He seemed so plausible. Still, you live and learn.

Fuck me – the next generation – Here I am again providing a social service as well as a family support and adult educational opportunity.

Occupied – With Junior fucking me on the bathroom floor and no lock on the door it’s quite a feat keeping his Dad at bay. All in a day’s screwing for your favourite Suki!

Blonde Suki’s Roman holiday – It would almost make me want to go blonde permanently. It’s true that blondes always get shagged more often than girls with dark hair. I suppose I shouldn’t complain about too many guys fucking me. The really crucial thing is that they want to fuck me and then some.

My own free will – Put up a fight? Me? When would I ever do that when there’s an opportunity for some rough and ready sex coming my way? When it comes to being fucked I’m a born volunteer.

Sexy nude teen photos – When I was still a teenager back in 2005 my girlfriend and I took some sexy photos of one another in Spain. The silly bitch sent them to the chemist to be printed on photographic paper. Luckily they came back without comment or consequences.

Teen nudes having sex – The naughty photos are a nice reminder of a great holiday and some sexy fun in the sun.

The perfect girl for fucking – Here I am, still a teen, being fucked on the back seat of a car. I’ve lost count of the number of times that’s happened over the years.

Love is a four-letter word – I don’t mind it when guys tell me that they love me. It makes me feel soft, warm, squelchy and wanted, rather like a pussy.

The perfect niece – That’s me in my teenage years with my father’s best friend “Uncle” Jim who regularly fucked me senseless. I had a great time pleasing his huge cock with my tight little cunt and anus, believe me.

Suki’s got the qualifications – I learnt so much from Uncle Jim. He even gave me awards and certificates for my prowess in the sexual sphere with him.

My Amazon Uncle – I had another guy I called Uncle who was really my grandfather’s younger brother and who fucked me a few times as well. Here we see him with the native Indians up the River Amazon doing what he enjoyed most.  I really wish I’d been there to help out but he wrote to me to tell me all about it and we also heard from some of the people he met there.

Suki didn’t go to church on Sunday – Sometimes on the Continent you can get into bad company. Fortunately for me I was saved by the arrival of a few biker friends before things got too bad.

Meet the Sukimonster – I’m fond of a fancy-dress party and I like dressing up as a vampire but I’m a little bit dubious about someone who comes to such an event with the word “Megacock” printed across the front of their tee-shirt. I had to find out if there was any truth behind the claim. There was!

Cat ass trophy – A typical night on the tiles for me and my look-alike girlfriend. We seem a bit moody but really I was just giving her a friendly whipping to start off the evening with some spice.

Take three girls – Me and two of my girlfriends get naked and fuck one another to entertain the guys (as well as each other). Just another typical evening Chez Suki.

Licking the monster clit – I suppose having a massive clitoris would be fun but it’s also a lot of fun just to lick and suck on one. I think I gave this girl satisfaction. By the next morning she had no cum left!

The Madame fucks her best girl – When I worked in a brothel in France I had a special relationship with the manageress. That is she fucked me constantly – so much so that I hardly had time to deal with any clients.

Fuck them, fuck them all – When she wasn’t fucking me it seems that I was fucking her. Yes, the brothel was located in the 19th century region of Paris! Don’t pay any attention to the guy exalting fornication at the end. He just has delusions of grandeur as with many a doorman before him and since.

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