Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s sex lessons

Sex lessons from Suki – This would get the classroom’s attention! I’m sure I’d make a good teacher even if my writing on the blackboard might be a little shaky. It’s not easy to finger yourself and write left-handed at the same time, you know.

A spontaneous fuck for Suki – The headmaster certainly was pleased with my efforts as a student teacher. He even joined in with my preparation work.

Suki loves BBC – I’ll watch all the channels but that hot pizza/big black cock combination is a real winner every time.

Show girls at heart – Three girls and six guys! You know how this is going to end, don’t you!

Eating pussy is a spectator sport – If there is one sure way to get a guy up and running it’s got to be two girls licking each other’s pussy.

Ring for hard nipples – The maid service here is excellent but it’s having an audience to watch us fucking that really does it for me.

Dorm rendezvous – Put two hotties together in the same room and you’ve got a recipe for a midnight feast that will be extra spicy with lashings of juice.

Suki’s ass in the mirror – I like this drawing which shows a bite mark on my ass and breast as well as a glimpse of my pussy and an inflated view of my tits. They are so round, swollen and heavy that I have to hold them up and balance in case I topple over. Impossibly sexy, I know.

A spank from the boss – While I’m doing my Sophia Loren impression it’s good to get a reminder of my true position in life and a thoroughly deserved spanking from the boss.

Another spanking for Suki – This is what happens when you share a flat with a big nurse who’s had a bad day at the hospital. Of course, she fucked me afterwards so that’s alright. If there had been no guaranteed make-up sex I would never have let her spank me in the first place.

Domesticated Suki – Yes, I’m a sex-slave at heart and why shouldn’t I warm a guy’s slippers between my breasts if I want to?

The Suki solution – You can solve almost any problem with a blow-job. It’s a well-known fact!

Office romance – Any excuse, I say! Just lick that pussy and I’ll wash and iron all your shirts for you!

An extra set with Suki – This couple were so sexy I just had to join them in the bedroom. A tag team approach should pay dividends here.

The interview – I may have overdone the fake tan and the bra fillers so I’ll have to make sure it’s an extra special naked pussy flash. All done in the best possible taste, of course.

Two lollies – And they’re both for me. I must keep licking before they melt on the carpet.

Taken by a stranger – This may be a cowboy fuck or the ride of the century. I have no way of knowing in advance. Is that a saddle he’s got poking my back or is he just pleased to grope me?

Trapped in a cheap motel room – It took three of them to subdue me when all I wanted to do was watch the movie!

Such sweet torture – But I only signed up for the first bit! These piercings were never in the contract, but then neither were the ropes or the redhead.

A good seeing-to – This is more like it. A spontaneous fuck is always welcome.

An anonymous quickie – Oooh! I could do with a lot more of these.

A load off his mind – And a load off mine too.

Suki’s one night stand – My first time being fucked in a tree, as it happened. I’m branching out! I’ll do anything at least once.

Suki fucks a redhead – Quite gingerly at first! Ah, the old strap-on big black cock comes in handy when you encounter a needy straight chick. What a cute little fuck-buddy she was!

No panties zone – I love it when this happens. It’s so funny how guys invariably get a shock when they touch you up and realise that you’re not wearing panties. I have an open-air pussy policy that sees me permanently parked in a no-panties zone.

Forest encounter – Back to nature for me and clearly for these scantily clad hunks too. We’re bound to think of something reproductive to do.

Sophisticated Suki – The Universe comes alive in my hair. It’s my new shampoo – it just leaves me glowing.

Protect Suki – Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and trust in that tiny flicker of a chance you might find love. Or you could just fuck anything that moves. That works too!

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