Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s sexual adventures

Suki gets a faceful – Talk about multi-tasking! Here I’m doing my best to cope with the demand, but I do wish guys wouldn’t come in my eye. It’s so fucking painful and totally unnecessary when there are so many other places about my person in which to deposit their cum!

He axed nicely – Yes, I generally do what people holding a tomahawk want me to. It’s just one of my little ways. He said he wanted to poke-a-cunt-ass but he got the tits instead.

Calling for back-up – This does lack a certain intimacy, doesn’t it? I’m not sure where we got the corn-on-the-cob but I was finding little yellow bits of it in my pussy for weeks afterwards.

Suki’s comeuppance – There are still Neanderthals around, don’t worry. I don’t know why I look shocked. This is an everyday occurrence for me.

I need a myth – You do miss the three cocks when you don’t have them, don’t you? Well, I can always dream, I guess.

Sadistic Suki – Not really like me to do this but some guys dig this sort of stuff – the threat of having it cut off, of course, rather than it actually happening.

A shock for Suki – The shock for me is that no one is following me, flashing me or fucking me, despite the fact that I’m totally naked in public for all to see.

Suki does all the work – At last someone who is taking sufficient interest in me to make the supreme effort of lying down with a hard-on in my pathway. Guys do really put themselves out for me sometimes.

Suki in the glen – I’m just about to go for a nude swim and I’ll probably have a shower in that waterfall next. It’s just as well it’s high summer or frozen bits of me would be falling off me by now.

Playing poker with Suki – He was joking about using a red hot poker on me! It turned out to be lukewarm but the twenty clothes pegs he used on me sure took their toll.

Playing poker for Suki – I wonder who will win me at poker – Rich Hall or Frank Skinner? They don’t actually win me on a permanent basis, just for a date. Whoever does have all the aces, I wonder will they beat me or fuck me or both? Wait and see, I suppose.

Clubbing with Suki – This is not the kind of clubbing I like. Honestly, some doormen at S & M clubs are so full of themselves ….

Caught in a trap – This is just fine and dandy for a while.  However, spending the entire evening like this is not my idea of a fun night out. The purple outfit does suit me though, doesn’t it?

Merlin does his magic – Mad scientists and magicians, eh? They’ve always got some new trick they want to show you, but they never tell you about it until you’re past the point of total involvement and can’t back out.

Suki wants some action – Another guy who thinks he’s got what it takes to be in charge of me and ends up with his trousers down around his ankles and no clue as to what to do next.

Spanking Suki – Why is it that dominants will spank the ass off you when you have committed the most minor misdemeanour but if you do something really bad they turn a blind eye?

Naughty Suki suffers for her sins – And what was my “sin” this time? Failure to wash the dishes on time! For this I get the wooden spoon! Fuck you, bitch!

The sadist’s apprentice – The ultimate humiliation! Your Mistress can’t even be arsed to beat you herself so she gets the kid from next door to do it. So I didn’t mow the lawn when I was told to! Big deal!

Suki succumbs to authority – I adore it when my boss at work takes me across his knee, especially when he is trying to impress clients. It’s almost as good as having sex in front of an audience. I’m excited, sexualised and aroused by such open displays of my submissiveness. I scream with pleasure which makes my boss and the client all the hornier! I squirm, giggle and come too! I probably deserve a spanking for that.

Spanking compulsion disorder – It’s got to the point where my analyst will start a session by giving my backside a good thrashing while I lie across his knee and try not to pee or orgasm.

Seeing double – I can give as well as receive although I much prefer to be on the receiving end. A hairbrush can be your best friend, you know.

Ready for a beating – The office junior thinks I’m going to take it out on her when really I’m just trying to think of a reason why I can get her to whack me!

Sex raider – There was the time I had a threesome in the library. That was naughty and ought to be good for a half an hour’s chastisement.

A double fisting for a wet pussy – Then there was that older couple I had a brief thing with. That’s worth at least six of the best on my bottom, I’d say.

Sexy Suki – Maybe I’m just too sexy for my own good! Whoops! Nipples showing! More punishment for me, I think!

I’m fucking me! – Masturbation, narcissism, auto-eroticism and another shameless display of public nudity – good for another sustained beating, I’ll swear.

Let the party commence – So then my girlfriend and I got roaring drunk and called on our other two friends in the middle of the night for a fucking foursome orgy session with knobs on. That’s got to be worth a good whipping, surely!

More come upon than coming – On the plus side and very much in my favour is the fact that I still serve as an orgasm machine for guys to fuck. Sometimes I wake up covered in so much guy-cum that I can’t account for, I wonder if people sneak into my bedroom and fuck me while I’m out for the count or in an alcoholic stupor.

A wake-up call – Of course, guys also fuck me when I’m wide awake too and they’re half asleep so it evens itself out, I guess.

Doctor on the job – The medical profession takes care of me so well when I need them. Of course, they deserve the occasional treat too.

A walk through the cotton fields – Just had the strangest dream. Judge for yourselves. Does it mean I want to be a slave or have slaves? I woke up before I could find out or be raped for that matter. There’s always a downside, isn’t there?

Giving him ideas – As I was sucking on my olive it gave this guy an idea and he told me he was going off to fuck a girl he knows called Olive. So much for playing hard to get! Shit!

The perfect Xmas present – “Hell, Suki, you don’t have to decorate the house and hang yourself up in stockings on the mantelpiece every time you want to give yourself to me. It’s July, for fuck’s sake! You’re just stressed out. Relax. Have a nap.” Thanks a bunch, buddy. Call yourself my boyfriend, do you?

Swimming with dolphins – I’ve tried this as a therapy but it didn’t work. It seems dolphins just want to fuck me too.

Suki gets forty winks – Ah, lying in the arms of my gay best friend. A decent night’s sleep with no beating and no fucking! Bliss!

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