Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s sexy summer

Suki the marketeer – When it comes to dealing with wealthy older men I have developed a certain business acumen. The scenario goes roughly like this – you give me what I want (money) and I’ll give you what you want (sex) and everyone is deliriously happy. That is the essence of marketing – give the customer what you know they’ll want and you will not go far wrong.

Just one night of bliss – Really people shouldn’t listen to other people’s conversations especially not at the beach in the South of France. But when they do there could only really be one outcome. Yes, everyone was deliriously happy!

Take three girls – There is only one way to beat a couple of lesbians and that is to join them. I love an all-girl threesome, even when I arrive late to the party!

The reading group’s revelation – No, I’m not one bit ashamed of my sexy novel “The Pussy Pendulum.” It’s just that I don’t want people to think badly of me when they read it. I’m not a slut, OK? You do believe me, don’t you?

Art gallery or what? – Telling it like it is or pretentious twaddle? You be the judge.

What indeed! – The truth is often a lot simpler a concept to grasp than the constructed reality of some people’s vivid imaginations.

Bath time chez Suki – A picture of domestic bliss. My rich female lover and I get on so well together. It’s a source of constant amazement to me.

Drifting into the dark oblivion – Yes, a threesome with two guys has that effect on me. I love it when they explode into me. I can’t get enough of those manly liquids, you see.

Drifting some more – So, alright, occasionally I’m a cum-bucket, but that does not make me a slut! Got it? What I won’t do for a happy pussy!

Another gang-bang in the offing – I may be a slow starter sometimes but once you get me going anything can happen.

Beaten and fucked – Couldn’t they just have done the fucking part and left the beating part for some other time? So inconsiderate!

Come in my sweet little mouth – There is a certain thrill runs through me when I’m being fucked against the wall. It just seems so right, I guess. But I’m definitely not a slut.

Licking it all up – This guy wants jam on it. It’s not enough that he gets a threesome with two hot dollies. He wants his dry cleaning done and his shoes polished too. He ought to have at least married one of us first!

Suki’s strip show double act – It’s great to involve another girl when one is performing a strip-tease. There is so much more you can do before reaching the inevitable conclusion where you are both naked and writhing on the floor.

Undressing Suki – Wow! Two eager maids. Lucky me.

Get stuck into me – And yet another all-girl threesome takes its course.

Lesbian encounter – While we’re on the subject of lesbian encounters here I am sticking my tongue into the folds of a hairy pussy and licking away happily. Is there a better way to spend a couple of hours? I think not.

My sweet angelic one – Ever notice how I often go for girls who look a bit like me? I don’t know why that is but I’m not complaining.

Dildo the liberator – A plastic penis can be the difference between life and death in some situations. It can set your spirit free.

Keep on fucking – Whoever invented the double-headed dildo deserves a medal. Will the bed be able to withstand this kind of punishment? I hope it holds out, but if not there’s always the bouncy castle.

Catching up on old times – Ah, the friends you make at school could well remain your friends throughout your life. Catching up with them every so often is a good idea.

One between two – Sharing is so much easier when you’re young and carefree.

Bunny Boss bangs a bunch – The Head Rabbit has it made. An unlimited supply of Bunny new recruits to supplement his diet of experienced hookers, er, I mean waitresses like me.

The bigger it gets – The faster I fall. A huge dick will win me over every time. I’m so pre-dicked-able.

Suki gets comfortable – Firm enough for me to sit on and yet soft enough to be comfortable – the ideal combination. It was nice and warm against my butt too.

All quiet on the Western front – I can reverse cowgirl with the best of them, especially astride a bucking bronco.

Nude is rude – On the spur of the moment I couldn’t think of a reason why us 16 year olds should be naked in the school caretaker’s house. I’ve gotten a lot more inventive since I turned 20, you’ll be glad to hear.

Suki cries Uncle – Back to me being 16 again. I couldn’t get naked ever without some older guy tripping over himself to get a look-see.

Three guys and me – Is there no end to the amount of cum guys are spewing over me? It still doesn’t make me a slut, people!

She-devil Suki – Oh, the locals are acting up again. Best just to let them fuck me and get it over with. They do take these notions once in a while. The religious zealots are the worst, of course.

My favourite position – I guess this is where I rightfully belong – between two guys who are fucking me mercilessly and rather well, as it happens.

Rubber enthusiast – This girl just has a taste for rubber. Having eaten the dress off me she is now proceeding to eat out my pussy. Yes, I did have a little nibble myself in her nether regions. Why wouldn’t I?

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