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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki surprise

Shower snap – There are several surprises coming up but here’s one to try out – snapping your girlfriend as she showers and is happily oblivious to your presence. There’s plenty of time for her to scream and throw water at me later when she sees the results.

Lick me through the night – I love a bit of passion right at the start, don’t you? Why wait when you can get stuck into your favourite pastime straight away?

Fucking in the shower – Yes, even when you’re showering by yourself you can’t help thinking about the endless possibilities. I do miss my plastic duck!

Sexy Suki seeks sensual suntan – No surprises here! I’m pretty predictable in certain situations, aren’t I?

Suki is a hot fuck – Nor here! Some guys are so predictable, in fact, I don’t know why he even bothered to ask!

Suki is on fire – More predictability! Dickensian characters performing cunnilingus on you in a graveyard – well, it’s just average everyday stuff for a Suki!

Suki reflects – My career as a life-size chess piece was short-lived but nonetheless enjoyable. I think I shall take up checkers next.

Suki and the pirates – Ah, yes! Once sea dogs get you alone on their boat they can go all skull-and-crossbones on you very quickly. I think the flogging was just an excuse to get me naked and helpless prior to the gang-bang inevitably coming my way.

Suki on the Island – And while we’re on the subject of naked and helpless, here I am in my role as hostess on Pussy Pendulum Island. I do try so hard to be welcoming even in these circumstances.

The nuns versus Suki – Those nuns were less than kind to me. Again, I think the beating was just so they could get to see me naked. I only went to the Convent for an inter-schools quiz event, too!

Night time is sexy time – More reflections on my youth when I was responsible for many a young man’s sexual awakening. I was performing a public service, M’lud, and would like 73 other incidents taken into consideration when passing sentence!

Your final call – Even as a teenager I was banging away all around me when the opportunity presented itself. Not everyone could stick the pace with me, clearly.

A Filipina spanking – Some guys like me to do this, even with a coal shovel. I’m the last one to deny anybody their pleasure.

A big failure – With sex not everything goes according to plan. This tale has a moral, guys. Think about it and learn.

Good vibrations – Giving pleasure is almost as good as receiving it! No, I didn’t think you’d swallow that one, either. Still, one mustn’t be selfish. Other people deserve to have orgasms too.

Drinking it all in – Mutual orgasms are the best! I love being on the top at times like this. You have much more freedom of movement and choice. Though maybe the choice of carpet colour wasn’t the best decision ever made.

Phone sex – These days you are no longer an anonymous voice at the end of a phone line. You have to perform for the punters as if they were in the room with you. It’s put a lot of over fifties women out of the business, I’m afraid.

Suki with bottles – Just deciding which perfume to wear! It could be the choice that makes all the difference to a guy whether he fucks me or not. Or maybe it won’t be a deciding factor! Hard to know!

What happens in a dungeon? – I should really know this answer, shouldn’t I? Always one for opening doors to see what’s on the other side or pressing buttons to see what happens – that’s me! I may get a bigger surprise than I think in this tale.

Experimenting on Suki – Of course, I’m happy to help people with their research project if sex is involved. Being fucked in a laboratory isn’t really all that different to being fucked in a hotel penthouse suite.

Lots more cock for Suki – Shit! What started as a threesome soon became an orgy with me as the central attraction – the fuck-all point, so to speak. I hope the Doctors were getting some valuable research data out of this, though I couldn’t spot them anywhere in the background with their clipboards!

My ideal fuck-buddy – So many guys fucking me all day really tired me out and, of course, the preoccupation with sex had me dreaming about it too. I don’t know why my ideal female partner should be hairless though!

Total pleasure for Suki – Amen to that! She’s exploring each centimetre of my skin with her caresses. It’s all adding up to a point where my whole body is a sensual cauldron of ecstasy!

A swift change of sex – Suddenly my dream lover stopped being female and became a man with a huge cock thundering into me as so many had done earlier in the day. This was remarkably convenient for a bisexual like me – if only it could happen when I’m awake as well!

The experiment has failed – The next day the sex researchers introduced me to a patient who wanted to fuck his sister (played by me) while his mother (played by one of the research assistants) beat both of us with a stick, as you do! The patient also wanted to have his breathing restricted by a neck restraint for a heightened orgasm. He really did choke and they did amputate his cock for some bizarre reason I can’t begin to fathom. Surprised now?

Being fucked to death – Things just went from bad to worse after that. Another guy choked to death while fucking me and strangling me at the same time. A visiting team of scientists from Iran witnessed the experiment and seemed quite taken with the whole idea. Luckily for me I survived.

Imagine I’m somewhere else – Later the Islamic State representatives came to my cell and I don’t really want to go into detail about what happened then. One gang-rape is pretty much like another. Just think happy thoughts, Suki.

Please forgive me – It wasn’t all death and ravishments at the research facility. We had time for some games too, although some of the players were more competitive than others, it must be said.

No way out – Escape seemed impossible but I did find one ally with good taste in diaphanous clothing.

Losing my imaginary friend – I did go a little loopy, as it happens, but once I regained a grip on reality there was no stopping my desire to escape.

The guards are distracted – I managed to get round one of the guards. Being naked no doubt helped me. At least one other was quite pissed off when he saw us having sex without a researcher present.

A dive underwater – After a period distracting the guards (as well as myself) I made good my escape through the facility’s sewage disposal. My female companion didn’t make it out. Either she couldn’t face the swim through the effluent tunnel or she had never been real in the first place – I’m not sure which.

Narcissistic, moi? – I think I’ve earned the right to love myself as I stride to freedom. I wonder where I left my dwarf!

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