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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki - the Bollywood Bitch

Suki – the Bollywood Bitch – Wouldn’t it be great if real life were like a Bollywood movie with people breaking into song and dance every so often? Wouldn’t it? I’d like to try it! Here I get to wear a few nice minidresses when I’m not completely naked. Both men and women fall prey to my charms and we get yet another happy ending. What more could you ask for?

Suki is distracting the man – This guy has some cheesy lines but I’m sure he means well. Me, I’m just going to flash my cleavage, stretch my bare legs and see what happens!

Welcome to Earth – Just keep kissing them, buddy. Interesting, isn’t it? The direct approach seems to work with me.

A big cock for me – No, now is not the time for a song and dance routine. It’s Suki sucking time and I just adore doing this.

Suki sucks on – A nice big warm one between my lips and I could go on for ages.

The elephant in the room – However, my pussy needs cock too and it must be catered for, at least taking the elephant’s share.

Nail me into the wall – A shower, a bang! What could be more obvious? I will break into song if it ensures I get split asunder by thrusting dick.

Suki sneaks out – Do I really mean this? What I’m probably actually thinking is that I want somebody else to grab me and fuck me. Variety is the spice of life after all and I do like a bit of spice!

Two cocks are better than one – How true that is! I didn’t have long to wait before being grabbed, stripped and double-penetrated. There is a God after all!

A great ride for Suki – A spicy sandwich with me in the middle, squashed but happy. Those medals are in the post, guys!

My mouth is heaven – This guy could be right. I wonder will it be an eternity before he comes. I hope not because I could do with a quick seminal snack before long.

Keep pounding into me – The director’s cut – some nice camera angles here, but I’m more focused on keeping the action flowing seamlessly. Breaks for a change of camera position don’t really fit into my shooting schedule. A one-take wonder, me!

Big breaths – Some men, particularly those in the professions, are shy when it comes to fucking me. This doctor has gone off for a wank when he really could have fucked me behind the screen there and then.

Another satisfied customer – By contrast this guy just wanted me to bring myself off while he watched. That’s OK by me. I’ll perform for an audience, no matter how small, any day.

Hours of fun – I’m back to sucking dick again. It was nice of him to think of my needs too – a mutually beneficial arrangement, I’d say!

Blame it on the Suki – This is such a romantic scene, isn’t it? If only I had been a virgin at the start of it! Doing the deflowering on a red car would have been ideal as well.

Fucked on a bonnet – My little red riding hood! The afterglow in the moonlight gives me time to reflect on where my next fuck will come from.

An excited pussy – Ah, a threesome plus a spectator. I’m really into this girl – she’s so sexy.

Assholes are distracting – Looking back, it was an ideal evening and we could have started singing at any given moment, for sure.

Enduring sex with Mustafa – Sometimes the pleasure derived from sex can be one-sided. Saudi Sheikhs give me the willies when I really don’t want them. I can only console myself by thinking of the money, the fast cars, the number of camels I’m worth and oh, yes, the money.

Naked workforce – One has to accept that certain jobs require one to be naked. Sex workers find this out very early in their careers.

We are fuck-ready – Being naked means being fuckable. I enjoy being naked, therefore it follows that I enjoy being fuckable.

She makes me feel horny – Sex with your co-workers does help foster good relations in the workplace, I find.

Jobs for the girls – Keeping up company morale is obviously a key task requiring specialist expertise. A pity we don’t get a uniform allowance, though!

Suki licks up all the cum – I’m OCD when it concerns skin cleanliness. Helping one’s co-workers with their personal grooming routine is the very least I can do to promote professional harmony.

You will not miss out – What better way to end a movie than with a love scene! I’m a little disappointed that we seem to have missed out on a song and dance sequence, though. Perhaps next time, eh?

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