Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, the fuck doll

Dirty girls – Don’t you just adore messy sex? We know that it’s chocolate here but it could just as easily be mud or shit. I’m a dirty girl and my equally dirty girlfriend is fisting me like a pro. Wanna join us?

A feast for Barbie – Eating pussy is a skill every girl should acquire, even if it means suffocation – a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Going in feet first – This deals with the suffocation issue and may well be just as pleasant for the recipient. I could advise her to pick on someone her own size but that would just be pedantic and there are enough foot fetishists around.

Suki doll, deluxe edition – Not just as good as the real me in bed but she comes close. However, the real me has the advantage of being cheaper and self-cleaning so no messy vage for you to wash out afterwards!

Your tongue is so deep inside me – Take a break while I lick out my plastic friend here. She can say that same sentence in seven different languages, as it happens.

We’ll be together – Two fuck dolls for the price of two. While you’re at work you can leave them to have lesbian sex with each other. They won’t pee on the carpet or knock over the furniture, you’ll be glad to hear.

Choose me! – I’m not the one third from the left or second from the right.

I’ll never say no – I may look a little doubtful sometimes but I’ll never say no.

Holy fuck! – The amazed expression on my face is at the sight of your huge dick, knucklehead!

Please interrupt my reading – You can fuck the Suki doll 24/7 no matter what else I’m doing. I’ll always break off for you.

Suki and Heathcliff – If you’re into threesomes, here I am with my boyfriend Heathcliff, who is a bit pansy to be honest.

Your tantric baby – Whatever position you want I will accommodate you and if you don’t involve a stoat in the sex I promise not to stab you in the back.

You’ve pulled – As you can see I’m always ready for it, including when I’m standing up outside the house.

Your secretary – I can even be your secretary while you fuck me.

Welcome home, honey – After a hard day at the office you’ll find me where you left me, just waiting to be fucked.

One of those days – My hair is all over the place but I’m still ready to be fucked.

Please wash me – I’m a high maintenance fuck doll. You’ll have to wash me regularly from top to toe as well as inside and out. As a bathroom decoration though, I think I’m pretty cool.

Oooh, what a big one – I’ll always admire you, whatever the temperature.

I’m ready – Suck on these tits, you he-man!

Let’s play a game – I can be an intellectual if that’s what you want or I can wear boxers if that turns you on.

Me give blowjob – Sexy servant girl give you happy ending.

Fancy a hand job? – Very delicate hands bring much pleasure.

Come and fuck me – I see you’re a tit-man who prefers blondes. No problem.

Thank you, big boy – Always grateful and flattering.

Dangerous dolly – But don’t turn your back on me, buster!

Sexy Suki doll – The ideal date wherever you want to take me.

No stitch up – I’m all yours to fuck.

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