Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki up shit creek

Ice cream ass – Yes, if you want to eat ice cream off my ass please go ahead. But be warned – it will melt quickly as we’re talking a hot ass here. There’s no need for a spoon. Just stick your snout in and guzzle. Oooh! I love it!

I should go fuck myself – And that’s exactly what I will do! It’s not often you meet your body double but when you do you ought to take full advantage of it, particularly if you made a special effort to get naked for her beforehand.

Welcome to dream world – What is it about me and dreams? Always naked and always gagging for it! That little veil isn’t really doing a good job of protecting my modesty, is it?

The cock of my dreams – You’ll know it when you see it! I can hardly contain myself. Can’t wait to get my mouth and my pussy wrapped around that fucker.

Beach encounter – I like a guy who just goes for it! This one started so well before tailing off for a bit, but then he picked up again.

Something to share with the world – After I’d shared my philosophical outlook with him and paraded up and down in the nude in front of him for a while, this guy was ready to fuck me.

Sucking in the sand – My lips were so thrilled to be enveloping his superb equipment. He pulsated hard and thrusting in response to my ministrations and as I squeezed his balls I could sense the surge as the tip of his huge member hit the back of my skull.

Kissing Suki – Another day, another hunk taking control of me. His muscles rippled as my pussy grinded against him. We were a well-worn cliché even before his tongue thwacked against my palate.

Naked contemplation – Mmmmhh! I wonder where my next fuck is coming from. Perhaps if I stand here like this for long enough some guy will rush up from behind and grab me. Here’s hoping!

Please use the rear entrance – I never could tie proper bows behind my back. The tradesmen’s entrance is always open at Suki Mansions in any case.

In the control room on Pussy Pendulum Island – A behind-the-scenes look at the nerve centre of the Pussy Pendulum Island theme park. Where the fuck did I leave my skirt, people?

Sex slave baby – Ah! I’m in my element again. Naked, chained up and waiting to be fucked. You couldn’t beat it with a big stick!

A beating for the bitch – Well, actually you could! I don’t know what gets into these guys at the S & M club sometimes. They go way too far. I wouldn’t mind so much but “cunt” happens to be the safe word.

Spanking Suki – Much more civilised. A nice comfy sofa, stretched across the lap of a commanding (and demanding) woman and a firm hand to remind me who should be obeyed without question. It’s what my butt was made for.

A comforting hand – We’re both sex slaves obeying our Mistress but as a beginner she needed the reassurance I gave her. My pussy, meanwhile, eagerly awaits her ladyship’s attention.

A threesome for Suki – It’s hovering in the air and I’m getting wet at the prospect. The sooner the preliminaries are out of the way, the better I’ll feel.

Coveting my ass – Being manhandled is great for a submissive like me. Roll on that sandwich, guys!

Walled in Suki – This is my “Yea-go-ahead-and-fuck-me-against-the-wall” stance. Preferably before the water rises any higher, guys. What are you waiting for? A neon sign?

Breakfast heartily – The girls who work as pendulum pussies on the Island have to self-cater when it comes to mealtimes. We’ve had a recent spate of vegetarians for some reason. The guys pretending to be pigs, by the way, are subs who enjoy the humiliation.

Stretching to undress – For me clothes are meant to be taken off. If the climate here were better I’d want to be naked all the time.

Suki on the balcony – A holiday in Italy and I take advantage of some early morning fresh air on the hotel balcony before it’s back to the inevitable grind.

Join the queue – The line of guys ready to fuck the slave girl (me, of course) stretches half-way to the elevator.

Leopard girl – A change of scene and I’m enjoying the sunshine with one of the Island’s security leopards. He was well fed before I came on the scene, believe me.

Ready for the next one – Just about to go pendulum ready for my next client. It’s all go on Pussy Pendulum Island.

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