Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez


Suki wants you – Could you be “the one”? I’m open to offers, guys and gals. Why don’t you surprise me and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the one to surprise you?

Suki knows what she wants – Yes, it’s double penetration, obviously! As if you had to think hard!

Its power pulsed as I sucked – The bigger the cock the happier I am. Oh, and yes please, an audience to watch too!

Suki knows how to start the day – Insatiable little me just can’t get enough of it. I’m an out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire kind of girl!

Suki gets a party invite – Whoops, the colour has gone but there are still cocks on the go. I’m a sucker for a party, you know!

Suki dances the night away – Thank fuck, the colour is back and there are loads of well-endowed hunks for me to choose from. Let’s get the drinking and dancing formalities over with, eh?

Fucking Suki good and proper – At last, beautiful hard cocks pounding into me. Why can’t it be like this all the time?

Another mouth-scorcher for Suki – I don’t think this guy really got to appreciate who his bathroom playmate was, but I certainly appreciated his cock which emptied a pint of hot cum into my ravenous mouth.

Fucking Suki – Lesson One – Maybe it’s a bit late in the day for lessons on how to fuck me to the best advantage but I feel it’s my duty to impart this knowledge to all the potentials out there.

Fucking Suki – Lesson Two – Pay heed, lovers. This girl knows how she wants to be treated.

Fucking Suki – Lesson Three – Always at my best with a cock in my mouth, but clitties will not be neglected by yours truly.

Fucking Suki – Lesson Four – Two cocks are better than one! Where have you heard that before?

Fucking Suki – Lesson Five – Roll on the drunken orgies, folks!

Suki nude – This wall was just made to fuck me against, guys! Don’t you agree?

Three guys fuck Suki – It would appear that you do share my opinion. Three guys at once are more than OK by me.

Three guys still fucking me – Don’t you just hate it when your fuck is interrupted by an unscheduled arrival? I sure do!

Suki fucked in the toilet – I’d better make up for it in the nearest available portaloo. Ah, that’s better.

Suki and two hunks – These guys are pissed at me because after an hour of solid fucking I told them I needed a pee.

Caught in the act – This is what I get for not removing my hand from my pussy quick enough. I’ll remember next time.

Really caught in the act – Oh, dear! They do say it’s all in the timing, don’t they? I got it wrong this time.

Suki – the hottest girl on campus – When I was still a student I was bombarded by guys wanting to help me out in any way they could. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch, as I’m sure you know.

Suki goes shopping – This guy had something in his trousers which just cried out for closer inspection. I can never resist a bumper bargain.

Getting Suki alone at last – Later on I got up close and personal with his boner. I just have the man-management skills to arrange things that way.

Suki’s Voodoo girl – When it comes to Voodoo I Voodon’t. I eventually won round the chick who was mad at me, though, and we indulged in a special little bit of black magic of our own.

Alien versus Suki – I know. I should have just simply said “no” to drugs. You live and learn.

Suki meets a super hero – This was a dream, fortunately. I woke up right after I fell off the top of the bridge.

Coming on Suki – Yes, cum belongs in me not on me. It’s a lot easier to wash my vage or my face than it is to clean lycra shorts.

Suki and Katie go out – It’s great fun going out to clubs with my tranny buddy. She’s so sexy and we have all the guys foaming at the mouth.

Suki with big dick – One concentrated hand-job coming up, lover. Your Suki will not disappoint you!

Suki shush – Once you have fucked me I hope that you won’t brag about it to all your friends. A girl can get a bad reputation very quickly when that happens. Let’s keep it a fair trade secret, shall we?

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