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The Bisexual Bitch Show

Hair-raising adventures – I’m being flattered again. Some illustrators are so kind I could kiss them. If I really looked as good as this they’d probably want me to. I could hang up my pussy and retire to the Seychelles. In this feature I’m going to have some hair-raising adventures which may not all show me up in the best light. You’ll just have to take me as you find me – a little bisexual bitch with fucking problems – okay?

I’ve been naughty – This is what I get for trying to get away without paying for a Chinese meal. Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered lashings of black bean sauce or maybe the owner of the restaurant was just pissed because I declined to have sex with him! Seems unlikely, I know!

A bondage threesome – Some women just need a little coaxing before they’ll have sex. This one ended up loving every minute of it. We still exchange Xmas cards.

My first time – Yes, I was sending out the signals here, but I wanted to lose my virginity and what better way to do it than with something memorable like three guys at once. Much more noteworthy than the usual fumble with a limp fellow teenager on the back seat of a car!

Three guys fuck me – I love a bit of variety so these three, fresh from their karate lessons, were right up my street and other places too.

Suki is spanked hard – Well, what can I say? I’m constantly getting into trouble and annoying people in authority. As always my ass pays the price for my bad behaviour.

Spanked by a super hero – No sooner had I greened up for an Irish Halloween than this guy pops up and nearly pokes my eye out. A sore bottom was the least of my worries – I could feel his huge dick pressing against my stomach.

Wondersuki comes quietly – Arrested on my very first visit to Gotham! What are the chances of that happening, eh? Even (almost) dressed as a super hero myself I wasn’t going to escape untarnished.

Suki spanks back – Never let it be said that I don’t give as good as I get. This blonde is getting it because she has a really wonderful ass and I was jealous. That is a good reason no matter what anyone else says.

Invade my sanctum – Here is another blonde who deserves what’s coming to her. After the spanking she needs a deluge of cum to cover that hot rear end. I’m sure someone will oblige her.

Bad blondie – Spanking blondes could become a habit. Where do they get their ass cheeks from? I had to put on my glasses to make sure my spanking hand covered every inch of her glowing backside.

Self-bondage – My introduction to the delights of bondage came while I was working as a sales assistant in a sex shop. One minute you’re innocently demonstrating handcuffs and the next …

Harem-ready Suki - … you’re trussed up and ready for the Sultan to fuck you from one end of Dubai to the other.

Supersuki – If you want to avoid being kidnapped you have to be a quick-change artist. Whenever I become Supersuki these white slave traders have no chance.

Dream encounter – Well, hello there, sweetie. What are you doing all by yourself in the shallow end of the sauna pool?

On top of the situation – Here I am on massage seduction duty at the beach with my new conquest. Oiling her beautiful body all over got me thinking.

Suki fucks – And I thought what I could do with a strap-on. Luckily there was one in the glove compartment of the car. It fitted her just like a glove too.

Slave to love – While I prefer to be a submissive with men I’m happy to dominate the right girl and this chick pressed all the correct buttons for me.

Start licking – My camel toe is in need of attention and this slave girl looks as if she’s more than up to the task.

Wondersuki in action – Just before I rescue this cutie from the bad guys I think I’ll have myself a little finger fun. There, there, sweetie. Suki’s got you. You’re safe now!

Safe sex Suki – I guess this is the only way I’ll ever be safe from sex. All my holes have been barred and all I can be is helpless and pretty. Am I sure that’s enough to keep me safe?

Me and my hot gypsy – Another hottie taken from behind by a scantily clad Suki. I think I’ve awakened her passions with my free hand. She’s so dripping wet her pussy may drown if I don’t rub it dry.

Practising anal – My Master insists that I am constantly ready to receive him so I have to keep up my sexual training regime. Instantly fuckable, that’s me. It wouldn’t do to disappoint him, would it?

Serving suggestion – My Master likes me to stretch out naked on the bed before him and offer up my entrances for his delectation. It’s the minimum I can do, seeing that he clothes and feeds me! Oh, and he fucks me too.

The villagers have come for you, Suki – I suppose deep down I knew the locals would eventually suss me out and seek retribution for all my sexual sins. If I’m to be burned at the stake by moonlight, though, I wish they’d allowed me to choose a better outfit than this sky-blue bikini. It fails to really convey the complete totality of my sexiness and the real depths of my depravity, I’m thinking. It should be see-thru black lycra at the very least.

What the future holds? – Well, I may have a future if I manage to convince the villagers that I’m worth sparing, probably by fucking each and every one of them, including the old guy and the donkey. I may save up to buy myself a crystal ball that is completely round and a pack of properly rectangular cards. Apart for that I can foresee an awful lot more fucking.  Loads of men and women, dogs and horses, have yet to have their wicked way with me. I’m certainly up for it. I hope you are too!

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