Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The further adventures of Suki

The shower courtin’ – Sex in the shower is one of my favourite things to do with another girl. Not only do you have multiple orgasms but you end up sparkling clean and sweet-smelling as well. Warm water is so sensual on the skin, so add to that another soft, wet skin rubbing against you and what more could you ask for?

Perfect pussy – It helps if you are in the shower with a girl who has a pussy like this – open, wet, gasping and primed for action. I know where my face belongs!

Suki Arabia – One should always pay attention to what goes in one’s drink, I suppose, but I was already too pissed to notice or care. If two hunks want to have sex with me they should really know that the last thing they need to do is drug me. What was I doing scantily clad by myself in Casablanca? I’d just finished a stint as a harem girl and wasn’t quite ready to return to Europe or the States. I was on holiday and wanted to enjoy the night life as well as perhaps meet a Sheikh millionaire.

Off to the Kasbah – They whisked me out of the bar before I even had time to set down my glass. I realised they were keen on me at just about this point.

A typical Saturday night – This is pretty much standard behaviour for me, so I was not in the least bit worried. Just another night being fucked by hunks in prospect, so no change there.

A yearning pussy – My formerly “earning” pussy moved easily up a gear into a “yearning” one. I don’t think these two guys fully realised what a good thing they were onto. I wanted only one thing, or more accurately two things right then and there.

Stripped and chained – I quite enjoy being manhandled so it wasn’t until they put me in chains that I began to suspect that I might have a slight problem.

How may I please you? – “Go with the flow, Suki,” I always tell myself in situations like this. Some people (including me) just like to do kinky things in their cellars. It’s usually perfectly harmless, isn’t it?

Still looking sexy – I always try to look my best, even when I can’t see where I am or who is groping me and I don’t know what is going on. It’s important to exude sex appeal, even in a potentially dangerous set of circumstances. Put another way – they won’t kill you if they want to fuck you. By the way, I really was of the opinion that my pussy was sweet-tasting enough without added sugar, but there you go.

The creature from the black lagoon – Yes, blind dates can be disappointing sometimes. I had been like a lamb to the slaughter and my captor was now enjoying the mint sauce from my pussy as well as shoving dildos in my anus. It’s not always plain sailing for a girl alone in an Arab country, is it?

Viva USA – We’ve jumped ahead a few weeks to when they transferred me to a location in the Middle East where I was to be subjected to further multiple rapes at the hands of more wealthy Arabs. Fortunately, an airstrike created a situation where I and a few of my fellow female detainees could make a break for it. Note how I was able to keep my hair and make-up immaculate throughout the whole experience! That’s American girl know-how for you!

Webcam Suki goes to work – I’ve only done this webcam stuff a couple of times filling in for a friend who had better things to do. I’m afraid I didn’t really enjoy it as I’m a hands-on type of girl and I much prefer the real thing – ie fucking in person.

Blonde Suki’s fine – Of course, blonde me did not pay this ridiculous parking fine. My client did. The French police have an interesting set of priorities when it comes to criminal activity, don’t they? Don’t get me wrong, I approve.

Blonde Suki shows her class – Boys will be boys, I suppose. It kind of gives me a thrill to have a whole class of them lusting after me at once. You are hit in the face by this massive wave of pent-up sexual desire and you can tease the little bastards mercilessly until they’re driven mad. I must have a tiny sadistic streak in me! Who knew?

Dave saves the day – Here I am, teasing again. I knew exactly what I was doing and I enjoyed every minute of it. But Dave really is a genuine friend and, of course, the next time I called round I did fuck him. It’s only fair, isn’t it?

Everything is big in California – And the elderly can surprise you too sometimes.

Suki’s love rival – Of course, this episode isn’t strictly true, but it does illustrate a point about rivalry in love, jealousy and vengeance being sweet. There are very few goats when it comes down to sex and no, I’ve never been a nanny.

A cock-sucker’s tale – The moral here is that you should never draw comparisons between men’s cocks unless you are talking solely with your girlfriends.

Blonde Suki takes stock – I’m definitely fond of a skimpy outfit and in case you’re wondering about the ill-fitting tee-shirt I had to either wear a bra under it or be arrested.

No chance of a threesome – Watching other people have sex always inspires me to some fucking of my own. So I left my friends waiting for me outside the shop and instead nipped round the back to visit a couple of guys I knew would treat me to the works on the spot.

The things I do for sex – Like many a man before and since these guys were fascinated by my asshole. My pussy awaited its redundancy papers while both men foraged into my anus like a pair of cavers in search of the ultimate pothole.

An in-depth pussy probe – While we’re on the topic of rear end examinations, the medical profession appears to have a field day every time I present myself for scrutiny. It seems to invariably end in me being fucked. Which I suppose is true of a lot of other situations as well.

Poolside duo – Yes, two heads are always better than one when it comes to satisfying guys with large dicks. Pooling one’s skills with another girl means half the work for you and twice the pleasure for him.

Carlsberg don’t make nuns – But if they did I’d be one, I’m sure. Of course, this little adventure did not happen as I have never been a nun and I have no intention of becoming one. However, it does illustrate the hypocrisy and dubious sexual morality of religious people who usually employ double standards for everything that is sex-related.

Suki, the model niece – Back to my teenage years and my trips to stay with my Auntie Sonia who epitomised everything I wanted to be as a young girl.

Whispering secret thoughts – Incestuous sex and lesbianism were always close to the surface in my relationship with my beautiful idol.

Come to bed with me – I guess we had our own little mutual admiration society. There is nobody on Earth I love more than her (apart from my parents, brother, partner etc). Aren’t people so sensitive?

A model’s life is short and sweet – Sonia is so sleek and professional, she really does take your breath away.

Scorching the camera lens – Her flirtatious nature shines through in every photograph.

Super model Suki – The miracle of make-up and classy hair-styling which go to transform the everyday into the sublime.

I could fuck myself – Sometimes the craving for sex just takes me over completely and I practically have an epileptic fit of wantonness. At such times I could slut in anywhere and spread my legs for an entire soccer team. Perhaps I do need counselling after all. Until next time – keep fucking!

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