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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The sex life of a she-devil

Nuns versus devils – I’m not really a she-devil, you know, or only sometimes anyway. I hope I’ve been responsible for corrupting a few nuns in my time though, especially the sexy ones like this. Of course, it’s all the fault of Halloween, the full moon and skimpy, tight-fitting outfits which are bound to cause corruption among the lycra classes.

Fucking in the museum – Based on actual events is this little three-parter. You can read more about me being fucked in the museum in my novel “The Pussy Pendulum.”

Suki is pounded – It’s all happening here! I’m quite beside myself and so is my fuck-buddy as we do our best to please one another.

The fucking climax – Yes, we got through a variety of positions on our journey to sexual bliss. I’m so content I’m keeping a light hold of his manhood so that I’ll know immediately when it is ready to perform again.

A brief farewell – Yes, older men who keep themselves fit do it for me as well. Affairs with married men are just part of my busy daily schedule. As you can appreciate I get around quite a bit. It’s difficult to keep track sometimes.

A close one for Suki – So, even though I was massively drunk, this guy did not take advantage of me. Instead he looked after me, put me to bed and even hung up my dress neatly. It’s great to have gay friends too, you know.

Suki at the clinic – A physical MOT every so often is a good idea. The thoroughness of this medical practitioner is really commendable. He checked out all my orifices personally to make sure they were roadworthy and in tip-top condition. You never know when I’ll need them!

Money maketh the man – This is a fictional episode but it does illustrate a real point. Having lots of money is a character trait I like to encourage in men. The more money you have, the more I’ll like you. It’s only natural, isn’t it?

Suki is a prisoner – If only real prisons were places you could pose like this. Being a model gives you a lot of poetic licence to go over the top. I think I may have overdone the earrings a tad. Yes, and the eye-shadow too. On the plus side, being positioned between two ugly gargoyles means I get noticed positively in the comparison.

Too fond of whipping Suki – That’s all I need – a huge anal dildo and a cat-o’-nine-tails! Honestly, some guys just go way too far. I’m the most cooperative person you could meet, but this is trying even my patience, don’t you think?

For me this is foreplay – I guess some guys think this is the case but it’s not really! What happened to the wining and dining, the flowers and the chocolates? Did I fall asleep during that part?

Typical fairground pose for Suki – I know sex can be like a helter-skelter ride sometimes but this is ridiculous. I’m being slid up and down this huge perch, pole or rod and it’s making me dizzy and nauseous. Help! Let me get off the big dipper, please.

Asshole threesome – More anal action here. It would never do for me to miss out on that!

Threesome harmony – Here everyone is working to satisfy each other. Another example of two girls and one lucky guy which sure works for me.

Threesome show – You know when you’re with a black guy who’s maybe a bit much for you to handle on your own, if you know what I’m saying, and you just want to reach out and grab anyone who is passing to come give you a hand. Well, this is one of those times. She thought she was just going to be filming us but, as it turned out, she became an integral part of the plot.

Suki squatter’s rights – I am being ambitious here but I just had to give it a try to accommodate this big black dude in my pussy. He paid for the meal while I took care of the tip, you might say!

Suki in the city – Whoops – a girl on a mission! I’ve got my cleavage out on show and a purposeful look in my eye. I must be on my way to a date in the metropolis. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance.

Two hot babes meet – One of those chance encounters on the beach that I love. When two Barbie dolls meet sparks are bound to fly. It doesn’t get any hotter!

Suki will look after you – She’s so beautiful and yet so seemingly naïve. I just had to take her under my wing, didn’t I?

These things are meant to be – We didn’t waste any time before a bout of passionate kissing and getting our tops off under the shade of some palms.

Have you brought sandwiches? – I couldn’t believe this total hottie had male roots! So perfectly female and yet endowed with a small, unobtrusive cock.

Only used for peeing – Her tiny member engorged quickly as it rolled across my tongue and was engulfed by my lips. I just had to have her fuck me with it!

Much better than a strap-on – Having her cock inside me was so exciting. I think I’d already had a mental orgasm before we shared the actual physical one.

Fucking while Suki watches – Yes, maybe sex is better if you take a run-up to it. At the beach house I visited Barbie and her girlfriends entertained me royally, starting with a private sex show which left me stunned. I still haven’t gotten over it or what they did with me afterwards!

Princess Suki – I think I’ll just quietly pose for a while and reflect on what has happened. Don’t worry. I’ll be ready to hand down some more instructions to my potential lovers in the not-too-distant future!

Suki with book – In the meantime, why don’t you catch up with me and my sexual exploits in the novel “The Pussy Pendulum?” It’s worth a look!

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