Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The sexual Sukster

Suki walks on water – Or so I’ve been told. I think my magical powers are quite strong, taking what I can do to men’s dicks as only one example. They can levitate without me even touching them.

Suki candlestick – Welcome to the “S&M martial arts lesbian Suki candle holder” which combines the themes of bondage, nudity, all-girl threesomes, body painting, knife throwing, acrobatics, wine, fruit and kissing rather neatly in one figurine. I don’t think I’m going to be much good at knife throwing since I’m all tied up here and I’m not expecting a lot of help from my two pals who are bending over backwards to support me. However, if some nice person could remove my ball-gag I would murder a bottle of wine and a banana before you could say “You’re milking it, Suki!”

Schoolgirl crush – Me and my favourite blonde at school. We were inseparable and even had to be prised apart in the shower. Our mouths and noses were just worn away by the amount of time we spent kissing one another.

Sex with Suki – The intimacy didn’t stop when we grew up either, licking and caressing each other’s pussy morning, noon and night. True friends forever!

Forbidden rendezvous – There’s something exciting and sexy about pleasuring a man’s wife right under his nose. The thrill of possible discovery gives you the added edge you also get from having sex in public places.

Secret loving is spicy – Sex with my landlady pulsated through the night while each morning we would pretend we barely knew each other in front of her husband.

Tortured by the pony – My Mistress and her friend enjoy inflicting pain and humiliation on their pet Suki-slave. I don’t complain because they never forget to give me the most thorough fucking too.

Whacking Suki – Not all dominants are so considerate. This one just liked to beat the shit out of my ass and then leave me to my own devices.

The banana bunch – Harem girls are great. They are in a permanent state of sexual readiness which suits me just fine.

These bananas don’t grow on trees – I much prefer chewing and sucking on guys’ hard-ons than munching bananas. It’s just as well that there is a far more numerous supply of cocks to hand than those yellow things for practising with.

Two on one – Team working is excellent here as we aim for the maximum number of orgasms. Somehow you don’t really feel you’ve had sex unless your face is covered in semen!

Hot threesome – Different people, same result. Two girls and a guy can work really well but I’m not sure whether Thor’s hammer really fits in.

More threesome action – Let the cum keep flowing! Guys’ faces were made for sitting on, weren’t they?

Suki is out for the Count – My French Count knew how to tickle me with his tongue, sending ecstatic shivers through my entire body. When he eventually got as far as my pussy I had already melted into a puddle.

My expensive pussy – Fucking me in the ass doesn’t work out cheaper, you know. It’s actually more costly, but that doesn’t stop some people.

A cock tale before dinner – A penis aperitif always goes down well with me. Bon appetit!

Drinking leads to sex – You don’t say! Who would have guessed it?

In car entertainment – If there’s one thing I like more than being fucked naked in a snug and warm dogging location, it’s being …

Fucked in the rain – Yes, wet or dry, let’s face it, I just like being fucked!

Confession time – In fact, the poor guy caught a little cold and immediately appeared to be at death’s door so he retired to bed with two girls to look after him.

Bedroom frolics – Put two girls together naked on a bed and what do you expect? A game of noughts and crosses?

Lesbian sex with Suki – Yummy. Some nice pussy-licking will soon sober me up and dry me out.

The thrills keep coming – While my boyfriend watches I give Blondie a good thrashing.

A belting for Blondie – Everyone entered into the spirit of the thing. The two guys wanked while us girls put on an improvised S&M show.

A gift to make up – This girl’s boyfriend was a lot more generous than most. When do I get my share?

Dick in the desert – I guess I’ll have to have it in an instalment plan.

Fuck me in the sand – Sand, sun and sex are hard to beat. Take me on the rocks too, if you want.

Tarzan meets Suki – I love a good jungle finisher who knows how to command a pussy. I wonder will he make me scream as loud as he does?

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