Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

There’s no Suki without fire

Come in and lie down – Yes, the harem outfit came in handy for escort work too. If you’re going to fuck a hooker she might as well be an exotic one – a sexual experience you will remember. Satisfaction is guaranteed, of course.

Beware of the pussy – This message comes to you direct from the pussy’s mouth. No need to look so worried. My pussy speaks volumes.

Another porn role for Suki – Yes, a bigger part in a Sci-Fi porn epic for me. I think I really was on fire in this one.

Sex reigns supreme – There’s nothing like an encounter between humans and aliens to set the pulses racing, especially if the “aliens” are as sexy as me and my two girlfriends.

Sci-Fi porn classic – Well, a slight exaggeration maybe but we did have a lot of fun making it. I was supposed to be playing a virgin but I’m not sure that I managed to really put that over convincingly.

Young Suke – A picture of sweet innocence. Young me before being corrupted by loads of guys fucking me. My mouth is a lot bigger now, thank goodness, and so is my pussy.

Suki is fucked – It’s started already! Sixteen year old Suki learns how to take a huge dick in the pussy from behind. I loved every second of it, by the way.

Waitress Suki – Here I’m explaining to this young man why he has been given a damp pair of my panties instead of a napkin. It took him ages to realise I was attempting to seduce him.

The missionary position – I saw it as my mission to bring young men into contact with an eager pussy and there was none more eager in those days than mine.

Sex is in the air Chez Suki – Here my girlfriend has shown me great kindness and I have no difficulty finding the words to encourage her to have sex with me. I think she and I fucked more often with one another than we ever did with anyone else.

Suki, sex and shopping – A kindred spirit serving in the clothing store and I need no persuasion to indulge in some rampant fucking.

Suki scrubs up well – Why fight it when people clearly want to have sex with you? It’s by far the easier option to go with the flow.

Tattoos for the Sukster – I got a major scare here but it turned out alright in the final analysis.

Suki could be about to calve – Here I’m in the stable, naked, with a Jesus look-alike and apparently about to give birth to God knows what! I awoke from a nude power nap to find Farmer Joe and the big Jessy on the scene. The hippy divine offspring was about to finger my pussy, goddamn him! He had some nice things to say about it later though, so I forgave him, as I believe one is supposed to.

Fucked at gunpoint – I don’t think this guy had mastered the whole idea of a balaclava as disguise. There was just too much of his face showing. Still, I played the submissive and went along with whatever he wanted. Of course, I’d have done exactly the same if he’d had no gun or balaclava!

Suki asserts herself – So, I handcuffed myself to the back of their truck! Who knew? What has a girl got to do to get fucked and given a lift?

Sex on the beach – I loved it when this guy decided to grab my hair, flip me over and stick his gigantic cock into my pussy. When a guy takes charge of me like that I just melt into a little puddle of moist pussy.

More sex on the beach – It may have resulted from a misunderstanding at first but this fucking turned into a blissful afternoon interlude.

And then he licked her – One good turn deserves another. It’s certainly worth singing about.

Fucked by the Chauffeur – I keep coming back to it. If you want to make me happy, just tie me up and fuck me. That’s all that it takes! An audience is a bonus.

Fucking to the flash and sound of fireworks – Outdoor sex in public is a real turn-on. When they let off rockets on the other side of town to celebrate me being fucked – well that’s just ego-mania!

Having Suki in the Jacuzzi – An offer impossible to resist or at least I hope so.

Stand up for the orgasm – When my soaking pussy is being pursued around the room like this I have every right to comment and every right to squeal with pleasure too.

Suki gets her refreshments – So, I’m covered in cum and champagne. This is not headline news, people. We’ve been here before.

Nurse Suki, the expert – Those Swiss have a lot to answer for, don’t they? A monster has been unleashed!

So many guys, can I cope? – Of course, I can! Now that my boyfriend has given me carte blanche there will be no stopping me. I’ve got my one-way ticket to Slutsville!

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