Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

What Suki did next

A night in the forest – You never know who you’ll meet when you’re out for a late night stroll through the trees - dogs, serial killers, the lot! I suppose I shouldn’t really be exposing my nipples and my thong but I did want to be fucked and I got my wish.

Nurse Suki is so sexy – This isn’t a regulation uniform but it does the job - suggestive of a nurse rather than an actual nurse. Of course, I’m only available to private patients – the ones who can afford me.

It’s enema time – Yes, she knows what’s in store for her, but there’s no escape. I can hardly wait.

Suki’s cock collection – I do spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about men’s genitals and how they could interact with me. When I was younger I thought of nothing else!

Suki sucks a trio – Nowadays I’m more of a hands-on or lips-on kind of girl. Less thinking and more action. Hard-ons this way, please, guys!

Four guys fuck me – They’re coming at me from all directions. Absolute heaven, guys. Let that cum fly all over me. I want every last drop to make me sticky, messy and sexy.

My friend the doctor – Ah, a female doctor for a change. The result of examining my pussy is the same as always, though.

Doc gives Suki the treatment – A full and thorough examination of my entire body while I’m totally naked. That’s what I call a proper service!

Bear witness to this – It reminded me of my most recent session with another hottie whose husband happened to be asleep in the next room. I’m surprised my orgasmic squeals didn’t wake him actually.

Sex with a tall blonde – This session really made my hair curl. Her perfect body was a joy to lick and kiss.

Fucked into heaven – She was incredibly beautiful, a fact which turned me on even more. I’d happily be a gazelle at her riverbank any time.

There’s enough for everyone – Yet another gangbang and I’m really in my element. I don’t mind being called all the names of the day when it’s in a good cause.

A thank-you blow-job – I didn’t stay a brunette for long but long enough to date this guy and treat his cock to the respect it deserved.

The ultimate blow-job – No one can say I don’t give good value in return for having my pussy munched. I really put my all into pleasing a guy who is prepared to make the effort to please me.

Teenage Suki fucks a teacher – It was just the same when I was a schoolgirl. I couldn’t wait to get a teacher’s cock inside me. Not just because it might improve my grades either. I wanted to give satisfaction to my elders as any young girl should.

Suki seduces her teenage friend – Now that I’m experienced and a mature 28 it works the other way round too. I can impart pleasure to eighteen year olds just as thoroughly as I was pleasured at their age.

Another teen tries it on with me – Babysitting has its perils. Young boys are always wanting to paw me and get me to sexually initiate them. That is just not my role in life. They will need to grow up first and develop a huge dick before I will consider them.

Suki provides the entertainment – Here blonde me does her best to entertain a youngish guy in his early twenties. I felt he did not appreciate me at all which probably explains why he’s ancient history.

Suki’s entourage – Now that I’m living with a wealthy partner, I have staff to look after me. Aren’t I the lucky one to have landed on my feet?

Suki’s breakfast dilemma – There was a time, back in the day, when I was part of the staff working in a hotel and I was the one being used and abused by those in authority or by the guests.

Suki and Babs get together – It did have its compensations though. Sex with one’s co-workers was always a convenient option for a randy Suki!

Suki, the enigma variation – Men in positions of power would often order me to have sex with them. This played right into my hands so that I had them where they wanted me.

Suki tries the new girl – I’m always ready to have sex at the drop of a skirt but some girls need to think about it a little longer. That’s cool. I can wait, but not forever.

A visit from Suki – Reawakening old affairs isn’t always a wise move.

Taking a look at Suki’s new man – Especially if I have my latest hunk in tow.

Suki takes her punishment – I suppose I deserve what I get for revisiting one of my old haunts.

Fuck, I’m naked in this – The early scenes in this movie saw me do nothing apart from hang about in the nude.

Some naked action at last – Ah, my favourite scene, of course.

End of a perfect day – Happy endings are what it’s all about. Don’t you agree?

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