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Animal magic

Suki’s effect on men – I think this sums up pretty well the state of play between me and the male of the species at the moment. I’m just about clinging onto a treetop with my bare hands while a sex-starved bunch of guys snap at my heels as they dangle tantalisingly just out of their reach! I’m living dangerously and don’t I know it! My animal magnetism is just working too well for my own good, people.

Suki likes it rough – Of course I do, but I think I’m being a tiny bit overambitious here.

I want monkey – Ah, that’s more like it – a guy I can handle without risking life and limb.

Enhanced by context – There is something to be said for posing next to someone who is ugly. It can enhance the illusion of one’s own beauty and make it seem greater than it actually is. You’re probably right – I’d look cute in any context, wouldn’t I?

Suki gets the part – My co-star in this epic of pornographic cinema had a tendency to get excited and overact wildly – I still have the hoof-marks to prove it!

My little pony – A more restrained scene but hard on the back muscles supporting this unchristian grey.

Suki loves horseplay – You know me and large dicks just have a natural affinity for one another. At least I didn’t get trampled this time.

Horsing around – Organised horse-girl sex is a growing spectator sport at certain isolated stud farms.

Horsy, horsy, don’t you stop – Once you get into it with the right size of partner pony it can be fun, I suppose.

A wolfhound for Suki – I shouldn’t encourage dogs to fuck me but I’ve always had a weakness for them. They seem to appreciate the gesture so much, wagging their happy little tails.

Suki sucks at lab work – For some reason this always attracts an audience of interested onlookers. You know how I love performing for an audience!

Back alley threesome – They lured me here after watching me play tennis. I’m probably my own worst enemy but I loved it.

Come here, boy – Ah, the traditional motel room fuck! Every part of the room was covered in cum by the time we had finished.

Suki is fucked by her dog – It all started when I was a sex-starved teenager being fucked by my own pet dog. I just developed a taste for canine sex and I’ve never looked back (to see who was fucking me) since!

Fucked by a boy and his dog – a heart-warming story – One thing led to another and, before I knew it, a neighbour’s kid, his dog and I had a regular threesome together at weekends round his place. Good times!

Schoolgirl Suki shagged – Word spread like wildfire in the doggy community and pretty soon many of the neighbourhood dogs would jump on me and fuck me on the way home from school. It boosted my self-confidence no end.

The beast in me – My very first werewolf, I think. We still keep in touch occasionally. Well, at full moon anyway.

Fuck me, Rover – I’ve always gone for up-market types. Big dogs with muscles and big dicks. I’ve never been fucked by a chihuahua, for example. A girl has to have standards.

Going dogging – These days girls who enjoy being fucked by dogs go online to search for like-minded pooches. I’m no exception.

Suki takes it in the ring – Boxers are good for breeding purposes. I may need to sprout extra tits to cope with the resulting litter.

One for the album – Now should I post this to my Facebook page or not? It’s complicated.

I love it doggy fashion – Both parties seem to be satisfied here. Happy ends all round.

Pooch paradise – Another happy customer! We’re not doing anyone any harm, are we?

Scooby do Suki – Get off my case, will you? I’m being fucked by a cartoon dog. Get real, for fuck’s sake.

Suki, the obedient bitch! – So my one-time boyfriend liked it when his dog fucked me, his she-wolf slave. I don’t think he remained my boyfriend for very long but the wolfhound and I do see each other now and again for a nostalgia fuck. It’s therapeutic to reminisce about the good old days.

Shagging Suki – As I said, I did start young, always gave satisfaction and have never questioned the ethics of it all. A shag is a shag regardless. If I’m not being fucked, I’m not living, I reckon.

Fuck that girl – Sometimes I just want to be taken roughly and used as a cum bucket. It’s the masochist in me, I guess.

Anything you say, White Fang – At other times the fear mingles with the excitement of being roughly taken to heighten the overall experience and even make the orgasm more acute. I scream all the time anyway so no one but me notices the difference.

She-wolf Suki – Men and dogs can be selfish and demanding at times. As long as they make me come I don’t mind a little rough and ready treatment when they paw me.

Stock market bitch – Being tied up and fucked is one of my favourite recreational pursuits. That’s just me, I guess! Not to everyone’s taste.

Raped by a Rottweiler – My claim to fame, perhaps! He was a big softy, really.

Take me to the moon – Another wolf in the twilight zone, but a memorable fuck though. I sure know how to pick ‘em!

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