Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Blonde Suki in action

Blonde Suki gives guys the hots – What a weekend this was! Hot weather, hot girls, hot guys and non-stop hot sex. I don’t think I have really recovered yet and this was some time ago when I had that amount of energy.

A weekend of fucking – We literally did nothing else from Friday to Sunday. It was a unique experience that I would love to make less unique.

Four guys fuck Suki – How did I cope? I just lay back and let it happen. You soon get caught up in the swirl of penetrations and orgasms and I’ve always adored being grabbed, squeezed, prodded and pummelled by rough male hands anyway.

Fucking Suki and friend – One string of earth-shattering orgasms merged into the next. I don’t think I’ve ever been so totally satisfied by a lengthy sex session.

Just like a porno – Relief beyond belief! I wouldn’t normally welcome four guys firing off their cum into my face at once but they enjoyed doing it so much and it meant a blessed relief for my beleaguered pussy which had already consumed enough cum to fill a milk churn!

Blonde Suki on the road – This was an interesting little gig I enjoyed – a mobile fuck-wagon with me as the centre-piece. I think I really earned my reward on this occasion.

Mobile fucking – The guys set about my pussy and asshole with a vengeance. It just really made me feel wanted somehow.

Suki, the she-wolf – I’ve always been ravenous for cock and this time was no exception. I wonder at myself sometimes how much man-meat I can get squeezed into my delicate, little mouth. The more I’m filled up, the more I crave it!

A duo of randy fuck-maniacs – It has to be said – the way they were using me was pretty expert. They filled me with cum while I filled the air with orgasmic screams.

I love a full tankload – And I was not disappointed. If being fucked by four guys for an entire weekend was hard on my pussy, these two guys came close to equalling that in a couple of hours. Boy, was I glad when they finished fucking me!

Let’s all fuck sexy Suki – Of course, I have it coming! A cool beer and a hot dick. What more could I want?

Hanging out with the guys – Men are always boasting about the size of their dick (I move in those kind of circles!). Some of them have every right to.

Fuck me hard and long – When a guy takes the trouble to follow you into the ladies’ loo it would be wrong to disappoint him. As you know, I love being fucked against the wall and this was one of those opportunities.

Party time for Suki – I hadn’t reckoned on the other two guys joining us in the toilet but what the fuck! In for a penny, in for a pound and they knew how to pound me. I was flushed with success.

I adore cocks – I’m really in my element here. Hot rods and a willing mouth to caress them – the perfect combination.

Suki in cock heaven – Knowing that if you squeeze one dry, you still have two more to call upon is a great feeling. By the time you have exhausted the possibilities with numbers two and three, your number one has come up again right on the money.

To oblivion and beyond – Bouncing with a full cunt is great thigh exercise. So many muscles are in use that your brain is just blown out of your head by the sexual complexity of it all. Astral plane, here I come!

My pussy is fuck-happy – I do like to make a lot of sexy noises when I’m enjoying myself. Heaven knows what anyone listening to me might think! The combination of moans, screams and bad language might give the impression that I was in pain, but nothing could be further from the truth. The pain only starts when the fucking ends.

Suki loves being toilet trained – Banged repeatedly against the wall and then a mouth filled with hot cum for me to swallow – what more could a girl ask for? I don’t think the two girls waiting to get into the toilet swallowed my explanation of events though. Who gives a shit?

A woman of the sex world – After so many hot cocks steaming into me it’ll be nice to bathe in the ambiance of a cool, sugar-coated pussy. Can’t wait!

Cream me up, Scottie – I love it when dogs do this to me. Their long tongues are so good at reaching all the bits other tongues cannot reach. And they always seem so keen too!

A stable relationship – I’ve been criticised in the past for not having a stable relationship but that’s completely untrue. Here’s the proof that I’m perfectly happy being fucked by a stallion whether it’s in the hay or after a good ride across the heath!

Suki for dinner? – I’m allowed to fantasise as much as anyone else! Here I’m about to be the main course at an African feast. Of course, they’ll fuck me before they eat me. It would only be polite!

My fantasy – Although I’ve been with two black guys before in real life, my absolute biggest fantasy would be to have six huge black guys gang-fuck me at once, especially if they were as polite and considerate as these guys.

More my fantasy – Three massive black dongs for me to suck. Ah, the stuff of dreams!

My other fantasy – Yes, it’s being held aloft by more rough tribesmen while a sultry black beauty with a very special tongue licks my pussy into total submission.

A life raft for Suki – And while we’re on the subject of fantasies, I have no objection to being fucked by a mixed race duo on board a flimsy raft in the middle of the ocean. If you’re going to fantasise, make it a good one, I always say!

Library fuck – Back to reality and a nice spontaneous off-the-shelf fuck in the library. I’ll take every fucking opportunity to promote my novel, me!

Fantasy fuck – Here we are in Sci-Fi land for another little fantasy number. God, that cock feels so fucking authentic though!

BBC one – Fuck, no wonder! It is real and has just discharged a bucket load of cum into me at both ends. How lucky is that!

Splitting Suki – Now, I’m certain it’s real. Oh, that smarts!

Cash for Suki – Find something you enjoy doing and get someone to pay you for doing it, my Mom advised me way back. How right she was to give me that advice!

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