Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Blondes have more fun … and more sex

Typical man – It’s true! Whenever I’m blonde men do pay more attention to me than they do when I have dark hair. It’s a fact of life, I guess.  I’ll just have to learn to live with it or spend more time as a blonde.

It’s all about me – I have to look after my physical attributes as they can make the difference when the prizes are handed out. Well, I say prizes. I really mean the money, you know.

Suki might not fuck a duck – These guys were quackers. They actually thought I was being sarcastic when I asked them to wait a minute until I’d finished eating before having sex with them.

A man who knows what he wants – I admire a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t let anything stand in his way of getting it, especially if what he wants is me.

Cum for Suki – Another bad shot who sprays his cum everywhere but down my throat where it belongs.

Artistic licence – When this guy stopped me in the street and offered me money I naturally assumed he intended fucking me. Making me sit still in this position for three hours was not really what I agreed to.

The price is right – Charging by size may be fair but I’d really be inclined to charge more for a dick that doesn’t satisfy me rather than for a dick that does.

Domestic violence – It would amaze you the number of people who will pay you to chastise them. Better to keep violence in the family where it belongs.

Beware. Dangerous pussy – It’s not true at all. My pussy is kind and loving. A friendly, caring pussy always willing to put out the welcome mat.

The dangers of getting caught in the act – A little infidelity can be a dangerous thing. At least here I’m consistently unfaithful with the same guy.

Time for a quickie – There is a certain thrill about being fucked mercilessly in a public toilet. Hard to beat if you’re with the right guy.

One in, one out – Sometimes guys may get the impression that they are on a conveyor belt. Is it my fault if more than one man wants me?

It’s the tiny pricks that fuck you – Don’t worry. I don’t rely only on condoms to make sure I don’t get pregnant.

First impressions – Guys with tons of muscles rarely have a dick to match. It’s the big penis guy who will win the contest every time.

Dynamite action – Another example of the genre. The Alpha Male who isn’t. He thinks he’s got it all but when we probe beneath the posing pouch it’s a different story.

Suki is better than viagra – It’s nice to be the cause of a resurgent sexual prowess in the elderly, even if he did take me by surprise.

Suki flaunts her pussy – How was I to know I’d dialled the wrong number or that the guy on the other end of the line was partially deaf? I am good at phone sex though, aren’t I?

Any excuse – See pole, will dance. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you are on the London Underground.

Dad’s the boss – I hate it when people blow their smoke over me too, even if they have just fucked me into Bliss Central.

Strip and poke her – OK, I always deliberately lose at strip poker anyway. This guy had no need to cheat. I just love being naked and looked at.

Too sexy for the office – No one deliberately sets out to give someone a heart attack. I’m definitely not to blame for this.

You have to choose one – I agree with this. Choose me!

I want half of everything – I think I was being a bit unreasonable here. Fortunately, I managed to retract my demands before he drove into the concrete bridge support. It was a close shave though. He stopped the car with just inches to spare.

Automatic pilot – It’s easy to be distracted when an almost completely naked girl is lying on the grass in front of you. It was a case of the mower, the merrier, I guess.

An orgy in the making – And a good time was had by all!

Old habits die hard – Sorry! I must have had a flashback to those porn movies where, after a gangbang, the guys stand around you with their dicks pointing at your face. It was a reflex action and the end of my TV presenting career.

Rat race – There’s nothing like being prepared when you just know what’s coming your way.

Naughty shark – I was playing my part in Porn Jaws XV real well until the fake shark just got too horny.

Suki’s shot at a Prince – It’s the old, old story of a girl and her frog. Guys will spin you any shit to get you to take your clothes off for them.

A test for Suki – So, I’m a willing volunteer. What of it?

Wanna fuck me, honey? – I could be pussy penduluming in a gymnasium near you!

Suki’s dilemma – I think the equation is: Suki + Blonde hair + naked = More sex. Or would you fuck me anyway?

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