Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Hot Suki

Suki sucks like a jet engine – Yes, I do like to chew on a male member once in a while. My lips seem to be irresistibly drawn to massive dicks, pendulous balls and all points in between. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than a cock exploding in my mouth and shooting its cargo down my throat in billows.

Cum dump Suki – Those magnificent black shafts, rendering me speechless as they forge relentlessly into me and try to escape through the back of my neck, deliver their life-giving nectar and leave me aglow from head to toe.

Suki sucks her best – Sometimes a cock will be so big that I am unable to digest it properly. In these circumstances guys will usually help me by placing both hands on the back of my head and pulling me towards them with ever increasing pace. I think my face has been fucked almost as often as my pussy.

Suki is banged how she likes it – Pick me up and hurl me against the wall if you want to. So long as your cock is inside me I shall not complain. I love it when a guy really gives his all to satisfy me.

A stroll through gang-bang land – I will keep putting myself in these situations. I guess it’s what you might call a “fuck-wish.” Being fucked every which way by a bunch of tough guys is my idea of time well spent.

Nurse Suki on the job – Of course, I can use my pussy for charitable purposes too. Bringing comfort and relief to destitute penises is a calling that I believe I can relate to. I adore being therapeutic for people!

Covered in cum – Actually, I’m not a big fan of the “I’m-gonna-shoot-cum-all-over-your-face” brigade. I’d much rather have it all inside me.

Suki begs to be fucked – I shouldn’t have to literally beg, should I? I deserve to be fucked without even having to ask!

The fucking continues – I love an all-nighter. Whether I’m drinking from a cum-fountain or being split in two this is the life for me.

Nerds’ revenge – Some guys like to take out their frustrations on me. As long as they’re paying I don’t care what they say, but obviously here these guys were just wired up to the moon.

The Pussy from the Black Lagoon – You get to see some weird shit at the Sex Therapy Clinic but this pussy takes the prize. It was like a huge gaping black hole, no doubt swallowing everything that came into its orbit. Now where have we heard of one like that before?

Pussies grinding – Don’t you love it when two pussies are a perfect match and fit together like two peas in a pod. We can grind our clits, our nips and our tongues all night long.

A taste of honey – This is what happens when I spread honey on my pussy. And I should hope so too!

Suki plus two – We had to tie the redhead’s hands behind her back to stop her using them. It was a tongues only night Chez Suki.

An ideal couple – I much prefer my blonde girlfriend anyway.

Fundraising Suki – The things I do to help out good causes! It’s not that I actually like to have a long line of guys waiting to fuck me in the ass. You understand that, don’t you?

More black cock for Suki – You can never have too much black cock. When a guy has been fucking you for literally hours it’s sometimes nice to go for a drink afterwards. I think it helps foster a good atmosphere in the workplace.

Suki, the cockwasher – You can’t let me loose with a sponge on a man’s genitals and expect there to be no fall-out. I’m programmed to provide a climax one way or the other. It’s in my nature.

Suki, the writer – The guys in the office for some reason like me to read to them extracts from my novel “The Pussy Pendulum.” They seem to enjoy it so much I always oblige.

Welcome to Torture Island – Not to be confused with Pussy Pendulum Island. It’s somewhere totally different. Still with plenty of fucking and torture though.

Suki is tortured by her captors – Same old same old. I never saw the blonde girl, who came to the Island with me, again. Pretty soon after I got there I was stripped, tied up, fucked, beaten and tortured. The guys there were just plain mean.

Suki seduces her guards – Fortunately I got time off and I spent it being fucked by as many guards as I could lay my hands on.

Suki escapes from the torture zone – Eventually the fucking guards tactic paid off and I got off the Island. That particular guard and I have not carried forward the relationship.

No hiding place – Pets can be so proprietary, can’t they? Down, boy! No, not my panties, you stupid dog!

Singing in harmony – I’m not much of a singer but I do very much like the harmony part and this girl and I have squealed our multiple orgasms together on many happy occasions.

Irresistible – When some people grab hold of you, you just stay grabbed, I guess! Now that you’ve got my attention, honey, I hope you’re going to fuck me.

Do you get the point? – Time for your viagra injection, honey. Then we can spend the rest of the day fucking.

Sexy Suki wants to be fucked – So what part of the phrase “Fuck me” do you not understand?

Oozing sexuality – Stop blowing bubbles and start thrusting your dick into me, lover!

Sexy Suki was born to be fucked – Am I articulating clearly enough for you, honeybear?

Ah, breakfast – Excuse me for a moment while I sample this passing virgin. I shan’t be long.

Born in the USA – Of course, I take American Express, sugar.

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