Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Loving women

Just kiss me – There is something about red-heads, isn’t there? You just can’t help being drawn to them.

Sweet kissing – Blondie knows what to do to keep her Suki sweet.

Keep on kissing – Just lie on top of me and kiss me all day long. There will be no objections from me.

Take me – I’m so easy to get along with.

Screw me – If you hump me I promise I’ll come for you.

Stroke that pussy – I don’t mind being on top and giving pleasure too.

Suck my tits – Yeah! Tease my nipples, baby!

So excited I pee – Don’t worry if I do this. It’s just a sign that I’m so “in heat” I’ve boiled over.

Tweaking twat – Aaahhh! You know what I like.

Threesome delights – These two are well-trained. This is so relaxing.

Repeat from the beginning – When someone sticks their tongue down my throat I go weak at the knees.

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