Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Magical Suki

Halloween Suki – Caught in the graveyard shift with another Halloween hottie, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into her inviting flesh. She’s really got a magical spell and it’s working so well that I can’t get away. Who would want to?

Suki is batty – Less clothing but a similar mood. Go on, bite me, bat baby!

Suki – the vital statistics – Yeah! I’m a superheroine! And I can do magical things with bunnies too. Just ask at the Playboy Mansion. Check me out thoroughly, ‘cause I’m worth it!

Sexy Suki logo – Gee, I’m that Girl with the “Sexy Suki” slogan and the logo to match. Oh, for the wings of a dove!

Suki swings to the rescue – It’s amazing what you can do in a virtual reality game if you put your mind to it. Aw, shucks! It was nothing, honey. Anyone would have done the same.

Love – it’s in the game – The lines between game and reality become blurred very easily. Fortunately, I have my head screwed on and never lose it in a crisis.

Suki in flagrante –Somewhere in Italy anyway. Those Italians are so demanding. Like, one after the other with no break in between. What do they expect from a non-native?

Rabbit food Suki – If you make the mistake of upsetting a member of the Mafia, things can get pretty hairy (geddit?). Let us leave (lettuce leaf!) me suspended for the moment. I need the thinking time.

Suki meets a hero – Ah, I knew someone would rescue me. Just in time before the massacre too. Lucky me!

Suki is the perfect treat – When I did Geisha training in Japan I was advised to speak only Japanese to all the foreign sex tourists and only English to the native Japanese sex customers. That way I would get better tips because the Japanese themselves wanted something exotic and foreign while everyone else wanted something exotic and Japanese. I just wanted to be fucked for money.

Suki is sexy – Whoops! I seem to have drunk all the Champagne in this glass myself and all the bubbles have gone up my nose and other places. The message on the tee-shirt is clear enough though!

Suki, the sexy waitress – What can I get you, sir? Coming right up!

Let me eat cake – I must have been in a funny mood to start with but my sweet tooth soon got the better of me!

Suki can’t have it all – Sometimes a serious seeing-to is just not enough. It is those times when I crave a little affection, a cuddle and loving intimacy too. A girl cannot live by cock alone as Shakespeare would have said if he’d been a girl.

Porn mood changer – No matter how good a porn movie is it can never top the real McSuki. When you’re fucking me I expect your undivided attention, you know.

Suki in skin-tight rubber – Ah, for the sensual cling of a skin-tight outfit! As Confucius say I’m ready for a rubbery time.

A flash from Suki – There are times when you have to let your tits breathe and the sweat dry off.

Teen Suki is ravished – A typical teenage pose for me as a lot of the youth in the neighbourhood established their manly credentials by ravishing me regularly. I was a more than willing participant in these Viking rituals which marked the transformation of boys to men, in theory.

Mermaid Suki – When I wasn’t being fucked I could usually be found swimming underwater, perhaps in the hope of finding young guys swept overboard from their longships who I could drag ashore and encourage to fuck me before they went back to sea and a life of pillaging.

Nude Suki – Of course, I would swim in the nude, putting myself in the shop window for more fucking.

Apprehensive Suki – Not without a certain amount of trepidation did I await the next guy coming around the corner to besiege my pussy with his blunderbuss.

Hot Suki cares for cocks – As my reputation as a cock-lover grew, so proportionately did the number of cocks I had to take care of in my cockpit.

Bavarian Suki – A period of study in Munich only served to propagate my wanton desires as I Oktoberfested with the best of them.

Warrior Suki – I went on the warpath but it seemed to encourage more men to pursue me as a rite of passage and a challenge to be met.

Dog’s dinner Suki – This left me often confused and trying too hard to appeal to the guys around me.

Teen Suki with dildo – Often as a frightened teen I was left with nothing but a dildo to comfort me in the absence of adequate quantities of cock.

Magic Suki – Attempts to conjure up a few new lovers were not always successful.

Magician Suki – If you’ve got a magic wand and play your cards right, you’ve got me.

Card sharp Suki – If you want a magic night with a woman, how about a game of strip poker with me? I promise I’ll lose!

Circus Suki – A born ringmistress, I’ll soon have your tiger tamed.

Suki, the leopardess – Unless I’m in untameable leopardess mode when I can still be taught to play the tambourine though.

The pussy swings – Here’s one pussy pendulum that is freaking out. The sooner I get it to disappear the better for pussy lovers everywhere.

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