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Suki in Dicksyland – So cocks do grow on trees after all! I’ve got some serious sucking to do, people. Don’t you hold me back now.

The perfect companion – Yes, I suppose that is the perfect companion when reading my novel “The Pussy Pendulum.” That and a pussy, of course.

A queue to fuck me – It is a jungle out there, isn’t it? And the queue to fuck me seems to be getting longer. Who’s complaining? Certainly not me!

Suki’s Live Sex Show – Sadly I don’t do these any more, but it was a great opportunity to show myself off in front of large crowds of spectators.

Suki, the harem sex slave – Do I miss the old harem? You’re asking me if I miss wall-to-wall pussy with lesbian sex constantly on tap? I’m fucking sure I do!

Suki shafted – Even when I point straight at my pussy some guys still get it wrong!

In-flight entertainment – Well, you gotta find some way to pass the time on a long-haul flight. I rarely need encouragement to fuck whether in the Mile High Club or in the airport lounge before take-off.

Suki’s daily ration – What? I’m rationed to one cock-full per day? You must be joking!

Fucking Suki in the office – There must be something in the employment contract that says a boss has the right to fuck you whenever you want. It just has to be in there somewhere in the small print. If not, I shall write it in myself.

The office pest – Every office has one. A guy so full of himself that he thinks you owe him a fuck.

Santa’s little helpers – I’d much rather have him come up my pussy this year. He could even bring some elves and a reindeer. I’m up for it.

Alas, poor Suki – Don’t worry! I shall never get a part in a Shakespeare play unless it’s the porn version of Hamlet (the one with the cigar-smoking pussy).

The Suki of Notre Dame – I can dance outside cathedrals, entertain the peasants and give people water. I’ve even fucked the quarterback of Notre Dame, but I may just draw the line at Quasimodo. Standards, Suki, standards!

Nude Suki unshaven – I will soon need to take the garden shears to this bush. It’s a jungle in there as well.

Up Suki – Oooh! I didn’t expect the gardener to react quite so quickly to that idea.

A wild ride for Suki – You don’t need a dick to fuck a great pussy.

Suki enjoys a gag – OK, in the heat of the moment I thought it was a tomato and I was feeling peckish. Blondie didn’t complain, did she?

Suki gets a surprise – My boyfriend’s 18 year old son is still after me. He’s very persuasive and I’m just a blob of jelly when it comes to sex. I don’t put up any resistance to being consumed.

Suki is humped – I’m in pushover mode again but the boy is at that age where sensitivity and kindness are important. I don’t want to make him gay by a straight refusal. An extra-vaginal experience or butt cheek fuck will do neither of us any harm.

From masturbating through motorboating to motherfucking – I just can’t say “No”, I guess.

Suki, the wrestler – I’ve had more than one opponent come for me while we were “fighting.”

Suki checks out with the Doc – You put on a white coat and you’re entitled – OK?

Training for Wayward Girls – As a young schoolgirl I certainly was wayward alright. I was living life in the sexual fast lane even then.

Are you going to finger me, Big Guy? – There’s no harm in being optimistic, I suppose. But I really must stop having that King Kong dream!

Four big black cocks for Suki – I must try to cut back on having this particular dream as well. Perhaps once per day would be sufficient.

Suki likes fucking – Well, I do! What else is there to do in LA? You can say fifty all you like, buddy. Ain’t nothing going to happen!

Back to my roots – Well, there were these tree fuckers. Vulva on bark is not a good mix, believe me!

Camping for beginners – Lying out on a sunny Californian beach and fucking all day with Susi and Enrico. It’s a tough life!

Fucking among the Palms – Ah, rehearsals! You just have to keep doing it over and over until you get it right.

Sexy Soccer Suki – Everyone should have at least one goal in life and find at least one keeper to share the experience with.

Suki’s sucking technique – I regard it as a calling rather than a profession. I think I was born for this and constant practice has brought me into the expert class.

Tits for Suki – My second favourite thing to suck and there are two of them which moves it up a grade and makes it even better. Plus I still have a clitty to devour for afters. Sheer contentment!

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