Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

More lesbian adventures for Suki

Harem girls – Ah, this is the life! Pussy on demand, beautiful girls everywhere you look, all of them sex-starved and yearning. I loved living in a harem, even though it was just a temporary diversion.

All girl orgy – The best part by far of living in a harem are the multiple partner orgies which seem to spring up spontaneously every couple of hours. Usually two or three people start it and the others rapidly join in.

Harem girl Suki – Fun as it was to have my own personal slave (with fabulous tits), I was determined to leave the harem as soon as I’d fucked every girl in it.

About fucking time – Fucking your friends in the anus gets boring after a while, so sucking on a nice big penis makes for a pleasant change.

Piercings for pussy – All the girls look after one another’s pussies including the delicate piercings when required.

Coming for the Slave-Master – Just like a cow in a field eating grass I could happily spend all day chewing on excited pussy. Strange how the eunuchs seem to encourage these lesbian shows by the harem girls. Are they secretly filming the proceedings?

A schoolgirl in the Harem – New additions to the harem are welcomed with open arms. All the experienced girls are keen to fuck the newcomers!

The Fuck-Me Academy – A school for sex in France which helps you sharpen the skills you’ve already acquired and teaches you ones you’d never even heard of.

The Fuck-Me Graduate – I got a 100 per cent mark in the “Being Wanton” section of the final examinations, the highest ever recorded at the Academy.

Appreciation of art – It’s always nice to be appreciated, a view that my pussy would strongly agree with.

Fucking forever – When you find the pussy of your dreams it’s a good idea to stick with it.

A dildo in the ass for me – My Mistress does this to me regularly. I suppose I shouldn’t beg … er … encourage her to.

A grateful Suki – Rescued by a Noblewoman in shining armour, how could I do otherwise than express my gratitude?

Suki sucks her prisoner – I like to think I give my subs good value. They never leave without a well-chewed pussy between their legs.

Suki and the MILF – It’s fun to take on the male role sometimes but I wouldn’t like to make a habit of it. I much prefer to be on the receiving end.

Kissing Suki – Isn’t that always the way? No sooner are you stripped for action and kissing passionately than your girlfriend walks in and catches you at it. Arguing that you were doing the groundwork for a threesome doesn’t always work, even for me.

Lesbian sex with Suki – This cucumber earned its spurs. A pity my friend took it with her to make sandwiches for her husband when she left.

Pussy wants pussy – Ooops! Blonde me looks like being a victim again.

Bat Girl Suki – I didn’t expect to meet a native girl in the dungeon but I suppose she didn’t reckon on meeting Bat Girl either! That’s Halloween for you!

Suki is determined to please – I pulled out all the stops to give pleasure to this girl. Perhaps though I was overdoing it a bit … for a first date.

Suki wants a strap-on fucking – A little alcohol and many a straight chick will transform into a horny lesbian. Thank God for that!

A vital social service – When girls need to be fucked it’s a charitable act to indulge them.

Seductive Suki – Any excuse to fuck a girlfriend and protecting her from a storm is as good as any.

Licking Suki into shape – I need very little encouragement before I’m ready to sit on someone’s face. If they suffocate they will not die in vain.

A field trip – Sex outdoors is always at the top of my list of things to do. Someone watching while my girlfriend and I fuck just adds spice to the mix.

Blonde Mini-Suki and BLV – It’s just amazing what you dream after drinking gin all night with a blonde girlfriend.

Lick my ass – A tongue wins over a bidet every time!

Kissing a horny devil – More Halloween high-jinks for me and my bosom buddy!

A shower room seduction - Health and Safety gone mad or good preparatory tactics for fucking? You decide!

Edible clit – Route 69 to Heaven with a stop-off at the Clit Diner along the way. Oh, pussy tastes so amazingly good!

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