Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Naked in New York

It’s up to you – Standing in the nude in the moonlight on the balcony of a sky-scraper apartment block looking out over the New York landscape you do get a different perspective on life. It’s chic, it’s sexy, it’s decadent and yes, you should envy me, if only just this once.

Nurse Suki – If the injections won’t cure whatever ails you perhaps a look at my bare bosom will at least lift your spirits. I know I’m more of a stripper than an actual nurse but I do care about the welfare of my patient clients. I really do.

A pendulum from a pussy – Hypnosis may not cure you either but it might help ease the sense of loss you may feel when my nurse stripping act is over.

Pussy – I think this pretty well sums up what both the Internet and I have to offer, don’t you?

Electrified Suki – I feel empowered! I feel a surge of electricity pulsing through me. My internally worn electronic dildo must have shorted out again!

Wise words from Suki – It’s the suspense of waiting that is the problem. Once the actual fucking gets under way I’m fine

A brothel called “Paradise for Men” – Somehow I don’t think there are too many establishments like this around. Sorry, guys!

Bargain price – You get what you pay for as this tableau perfectly illustrates.

Giving it a go with Suki – Real life is not like this, buddy! He did have to pay up in the end.

Call-girl service – Wherever you are, if your credit card account is in good shape you can get the service you want. Rescue from remote off-shore locations was just not one of the services we offered.

Erection failure – Well, I did try my best. Some cases are a lost cause though if I’d tried the more subtle tease it might have worked.

Deceptive appearances – I really did tire this guy out. We were both pretty well fucked by the time he’d finished with me.

Girls in the game – Here I am in virtual reality mode again with my girlfriends. What an adventure-filled, fun time we have!

Suki goes to Hollywood – It’s every girl’s dream to be “discovered” by a big Hollywood producer. He was big alright, just not big in the producing sense.

Suki is fucked in Hollywood – I got more than my fair share of fucking in Hollywood but it didn’t lead anywhere except to more and more guys fucking me.

Star Queen Suki – I guess my dreams of becoming a huge movie star will have to be just dreams for a little while longer.

The work of Art – I did get into one big picture though. Showing off my pussy and getting the bird were as good as it got until the painter fucked me.

A little misunderstanding – Just shows you how people can get the wrong end of the stick and miss out on the experience of a lifetime, doesn’t it?

Confident Suki – I’m a real Bond girl type encased in clinging rubber here. How could anyone be other than confident in this outfit?

Suki goes first – I’ve jumped back in time to my harem days here. I guess sneaking a guy in was a bit risky, but only for the guy and he didn’t seem to care.

The ripper revealed – Role-playing in costumes does turn me on, but then again I’m permanently turned on anyway.

Beauty and the beast – So Quasimodo did have his wicked way with me while Moriarty watched in the wings. I suppose if I’d refused him he’d have taken the hump …

Swimming nude – My favourite way to swim – totally naked. If I can entertain people that way, so be it!

T-shirted Suki – Casual yet still sexy. Yes, just a t-shirt, nothing else. A bit pointless trying to pull it down to cover my pussy, I suppose.

Taking Suki for a ride – I guess standing at the roadside in a short skirt could be asking for trouble but I will keep doing it!

I lick Suki – Aahh! The tongue-lashing I need. I’d better spread ‘em fast.

How’s about a quickie? – No harm in asking, is there?

Suki needs a handyman – This is self-explanatory really. Are you good with tiles?

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