Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

New sexy selection

Double delight – Two angles on physical perfection. I want both of her.

Selfie heaven 1 – Adorable curves. She’s definitely charging.

Selfie heaven 2 – When in Rome … go threadbare!

Selfie heaven 3 – A quick snap to remind her of how beautiful she is.

Selfie heaven 4 – She needs to buy larger sizes.

Beach babe – Sand, sea, blue sky, naked girl on a log. This must be paradise.

By the lake – Don’t jump in, honey. Pose a little longer.

Blonde ambition – It’s the great escape for one eager nipple.

Bosom buddies – She cannot survive without a tit-feast. Me neither.

Curves ‘r’ me – Her counterweights keep her perfectly upright.

Chain dress – Just the right outfit for going shopping.

High heels – Tight dress, elevated platforms but can she walk unaided?

Ultimate woman – If you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

Rough and ready – That fresh “just-fucked” look!

Cool sophistication – What? This old thing? Got it in a charity shop, love.

The morning after – Fuck! Where am I? Is it morning yet?

It’s all in front of her – The ideal pillows. Funny thing is the car is on a flat stretch of road!

Perfect features – Can anyone be more beautiful than this?

Sweet devotion – We’ll give it a try.

Ready packaged – Free home delivery (within three miles).

Laid back approach – Sometimes I just lays me down on the highway.

Bedroom eyes – I think we get the message, babe.

Running hammock – She’s just waiting for you.

Black leather – These lips were made for kissing.

Loose elastic – Oops! My panties are forever slipping down.

I just gotta have me – When the mirror tells you that you’re the best, you just have to go for it!

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