Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex kitten Suki

Secretary Suki on the job – Like every good secretary, of course, my boss fucks me. It’s in my job description’s catch-all clause. It’s usually on his desk he catches me after chasing me round it a dozen times. Just a little game we play with both of us knowing the outcome. He likes the thrill of the hunt, before the drill of the cunt!

Fucking blonde Suki virtually – All you need to know and more about how you can use your computer or notebook to fuck me. It uses virtual reality software devised by the Italian laptop wizard Lipra Folo who is way ahead of her time.

Lie to me some more – I do meet some weird people including some very nosy ones.

Take your pick – I gave at the orifice.

Wrong asshole – Show-offs don’t always get what they want, do they?

Blonde Mistress – Yes, I’m in charge here. The riding crop says so!

Suki sucks with help – Guys are so thoughtful! Giving me that extra little push has made all the difference.

Suki sucks in X-ray vision – That’s just how it is sometimes. Thank goodness I have the transparency and the stomach for it.

A fairytale fuck and suck – Clearly I know how to make some people happy. Dum-dee-dum!

Sax for Suki – Yes, I love the see-thru, off-the-shoulder, fuck-me-please look and so does the musician obviously.

Going down on the farm – Apparently the whole father/son scene is really big in rural areas. Who am I to argue?

Super Suki saves the world – I’m holding back the Apocalypse single-handed, people. Give me some credit, yeah?

Book launch queue – Don’t you hate those moments when everyone turns and looks at you and you’re naked and then you wake up sweating.

Suki is a bad girl – I’m sooooo submissive but if you’re going to beat me please do it with a dick this big.

Suki does her washing – I can’t put them on until they’re dry so I’ll just have to be naked for a while. Can you put up with me?

Suki’s back passage takes another hit – Isn’t it strange that whenever my hands are tied behind my back someone always fucks me in the asshole! What is the connection, I ask myself?

Suki and friends – I love joining this couple for a fucking session. They’re both wildly oversexed and the whole thing just dissolves into a screaming cum-fest.

Suki does the business – Another anal fuck but at least this time I was well paid.

Neanderthal Suki – Even my early ancestors knew what to do with a big bone. So sex really has been in my genes from the dawn of time. Raquel who?

A blowjob for Fred – I would have been in my element with all those prehistoric cavemen. Dragging me off by the hair and fucking me would have been right up my street. It was probably one of my forebears who invented cock-sucking, you know!

No need to axe – Yep, he’s got the hair-pulling and the ass-fucking about right and I won’t ask about the axe. Let’s just not go there!

A place to come – What is it with me and sperm? One day I just know I’ll drown in the stuff!

Fucking Suki in the corridor – There I was just walking down the corridor and this big black guy just grabs me and starts fucking me. What’s that all about? What messages am I sending out? It was nice though!

Suki prostrate – Sorry, I can’t get up. I’m totally fucked. Let me just lie here until tomorrow, OK?

Suki’s lesbian affair – Give me a blonde honey and a bed and leave the rest to me, everyone’s favourite sex bunny.

Sucking Suki’s tits – Asking this single Dad’s babysitter to ready my breasts for feeding his child was probably a mistake. We were just carried away by the intimacy of the moment.

Wannabe webcam girls – My blonde flatmate cajoled me into doing a few webcam sessions with her. I think she just used the camera as a way of having sex with me. So who’s complaining?

Another guy falls prey to Suki’s charms – Why does every wine and nibbles evening end with me having a dick in my mouth? I wish I knew!

Coitus interruptus – Some guys have no respect for the Laws of Nature. Once a fuck is under way it should not be interrupted.

Suki shoots from the hip – I think I’m making a good job of getting the show back on the road. I am determined to be fucked to a finish, if it is the last thing I do!

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