Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex-starved Suki

Suki’s special request – Is the title of this section ironic, you are asking yourself? Surely Suki is getting all the sex she needs! No, it’s not and no, I’m not! Even when I’m being fucked right, left and centre, I will still always be craving more. I would happily have sex every minute of every day if it were physically possible which it isn’t. I should know because I’ve tried! Hence my present plea, put simply, I want you to fuck me!

Sex – Suki Jensen-Ramirez – Am I making myself absolutely clear, folks? Please have sex with me!

A Suki sandwich – Two of my lesbian bosom buddies try their best to make life more tolerable for me. Even though my pussy is dripping I can still find a place for you!

Suki, the fuck-doll – Whoops, my guys have waylaid me on the landing and it’s clear they’re going to occupy me for a while. Don’t go away!

Fucking under the stars – So romantic and yes, my pussy is the ideal spot to rest your weary head.

Gang-banging Suki – Yet more eager men wanting to fuck me. Give me a break!

Six guys fuck Suki – Way back then, when I was 20, I had to do a lot of grafting as an “escort” to earn my money. I did meet a lot of interesting and wealthy people though.

Screaming through the night – I learnt a lot about pleasing both men and women when I lived for a while in an Arab’s harem.

The Aliens are at it again – The script for my live sex show was not written by me, by the way. Us actor/performers tended to ad lib a lot, depending on the time of day, how energetic we felt and how the interaction with the audience was going.

Suki asks for more – Do I believe in Santa Claus? I’ve sucked the guy off often enough to believe he exists – yeah!

Suki gets her wish – Some guys just have that effect on me and my pussy. I just have to yell in such situations!

Suki fucks a Great Dane – I don’t know why some guys enjoy torturing girls before eventually fucking them. I suppose it’s a power thing. Raping and pillaging is what Vikings do, I guess. I just don’t think I’ve really been pillaged enough to be honest.

Tips for fucking Suki No 45 – Suck my tits, guys.

Tips for fucking Suki No 58 – Let me be on top sometimes.

Tips for fucking Suki No 103 – Leave your cock in my cunt after fucking me.

Suki sucks the Senator – A cock is a cock and if it’s in front of my face I’ll suck on it.

Suki fucks the Senator – Well, to be more accurate, the State Senator fucks me.

Daddy’s big cock –Since he was paying me well, Daddy could be as big as he liked.

Fucking America – I suppose fucking people is what politicians do best.

Experience counts – The more you do it, the better at it you become.

Voting Republican – Don’t worry, I will never vote Republican!

Drown me in cum – Fuck him and his big cock!

Suki at the orgy – Out of the frying pan and into the fire. So many fit guys wanting me! Wow!

Suki fucks her way thru school – Sex parties are cool but dating guys who come up to you in the street and fondle your breasts can be kinda sexy too!

Another monumental fucking for sweet, sexy Suki – I can’t even take a bath without being gang-banged! Really, guys!

Suki is a back seat treat – Any excuse to get me to strip off! Any excuse for some more classy cocks!

Sexy Suki’s hot erotic dance – I enjoy dancing provocatively and seeing guys practically foam at the mouth. It was a fantastic warm-up for the live sex show with my Alien fuck-buddies!

Naked Suki waiting to be fucked – Now, after all those interruptions, where were we? Oh, yes, you were thinking about fucking me, weren’t you? Don’t just think about it, honey. Live the dream!

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