Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Slaves have it tough

Waiting to be fucked – You know it’s going to happen sooner or later. The agonising part is when? Anyone with an ounce of decency in them, after they’d tied me up, would fuck me right away.

Slave girl Suki – Maybe I’m not the bargain I think I am! If I put myself on e-bay do you think anyone would pay the reserve price?

Sadistic sex games with Suki – I love having sex with couples, but some of them carry the whole Master-Slave thing too far.

Fucking sex slave Suki – You know me. I love a good seeing-to. Acting in a film was really incidental.

Suki sucks another Arab – Unfortunately this wasn’t a movie or role-play. This guy actually believed he was something special instead of a total cretin.

Fucked into the fourteenth century – Just because I went along with it does not mean I approve of him or his ideology. I just like being fucked.

Slave training can be tough – Pre-Harem training camp is a bitch. Once you graduate to the harem proper you’re fine but getting there can be problematical, depending on the asshole in charge.

Suki and the slave – Of course sex-slavery can be the other way round. I’ve had my share of male slaves to worship me.

Suck on my stiletto, buster – Guys will even pay me to dominate them and treat them like shit. There are times when I’d happily do it for free.

Mud wrestling for Mohammed – I don’t really like having to treat my fellow females badly but sometimes the situation demands it. On this occasion it was all about putting on a show for the Arab wankers.

The Office (Sex) Party – The most sexist office I’ve ever worked in. The boss might as well have been running a slave training camp.

The new girl on the block – Still, initiating a newbie into the office routines could be fun. As old hands we knew how to go about it.

Suki’s gourmet snatch – I think a lengthy session nibbling my pussy gradually got her to come around to our way of thinking.

Stuffing the turkey – We played with the girl for ages while she happily tucked into my cunt.

Drinking Suki’s cum – In the end she did as good a job on me as I could have wished for.

Dildos for Helen – We did our best to repay her by fucking her with the office vibrators.

Fucking away like bunnies – The boss feigned shock but he knew all along what we would be doing.

A little staff perk – His little stiff porker soon filled our mouths and we both sucked away as we had done many times before.

Fitting into the office ethos – It was all an act to get the new girl into the mood to be fucked herself. She played along with us without resisting. I think she was as keen to see what would happen as we were.

Regularly fucking my honey – After that initiation Helen became my personal slave for a long time. To be honest she spent most of her day with her head between my legs quietly munching my pussy. I would be the last person to tell her not to. Being addicted to Suki pussy is not a crime from where I’m sitting, standing, lying, walking … God, Helen, you’re keen, baby!

Mystery of the East – Ah, we’re back in Arabia and my Master has deigned to put in an appearance, making straight for my cunt. The mystery is what took him so long.

Comforting the slave girl – He stayed behind for a chat after I’d sucked him dry. Then he wrapped me up inside a carpet and I was hauled back to the harem.

Suki welcomes the new girl – We held a welcome party for new harem girls too. This one involved me giving her pussy a thorough licking. She’d already come about four times for me before the Master even got his dick into her.

Suki in distress – I’ve never really thought of myself as a damsel in distress. I suppose the romanticised view is quite sexy when you think about it.

Suki on trial – The reality is much less sexy. Being naked and in chains would normally excite me but not with these sinister, semi-religious guys around.

Torturing Suki – After a couple of hours on the fucking machine you don’t always feel well-disposed towards your captors. Especially when you know what comes next will be a thorough thrashing!

Suki, the harem slut – The worst part is when your harem fuck-buddies cooperate with the Sultan of Swing and help him rape you.

Suki for sale – The worst insult, however, is when you’re deemed surplus to requirements and put on the open market. I ought to be a keeper, you pricks.

Suki is not a bargain this time – Not being bought is another blow to the ego. I’m fucking worth it, you twats!

Suki’s fate – Oh, fuck! It’s more torture for poor me. I do not deserve this, people. Somebody save me!

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