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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki and sex

Sweet sexy Santa Suki – Have you been naughty or nice this year? Sweet sexy Santa Suki sure suits snow! I think the little sprigs of holly turn me into a prickly treat along with my fur trimmed red mini-dress and sack full of sex toys. I could be sliding down your “chimney” on Christmas Eve. You wouldn’t leave it to the reindeer to fuck me, would you?

Things are getting hot – You can tell by the way my breasts have busted out of my body-stocking that the temperature is rising and I bet you know where that red devil’s tongue is heading too.

Wanna fuck this? – Of course, you do! Come on in, the water’s lovely and hot and so am I.

I want it – How much plainer can I make it?

Desert fucks – The landscape may be arid but I’m completely moist. Drink from my pussy or fuck it – the choice is yours.

Pirate Suki – I have been known to castrate those who don’t behave. Welcome aboard, shipmate!

Rubber off – What goes on must come off – obviously.

He must be wealthy – If you can afford these three girls then you’re my kinda guy.

Bypassing Suki – Some guys are strange! They stop and stare at me but never come closer or speak to me. I wish I knew why.

Suki’s sex show exertions – I may be a slow starter sometimes but once I get going there’s no stopping me.

Aliens get it tough – The live sex show sometimes involved some lucky dude plucked from the audience. I enjoyed the variety even if they were a bit amateur in a land of professionals.

Suki, the cow – This bull was a real gent. He fucked me brilliantly and never kicked me once. Even though there was no kissing or foreplay I loved his calm and assured attitude. He’d obviously fucked hundreds of cows before me!

Suki, the fluffer – Ah, the old family album. Those were the days!

Fucking Suki in the asshole – My plea for sanity in the anal fucking arena. Take heed, gentlemen and ruffians.

Suki has her priorities – Yes, I have a secretary of my own now. She is quite sexy and totally obedient too.

The boys bang Suki – Always leave them wanting more. Isn’t that what they say? I’m not a social service, guys. You have to earn me!

This one’s for Suki – Some guys are so well-endowed you would think they were fictional characters, but believe me, my honeys, cocks like this do exist!

Suki works her magic – Whatever floats your bottle! I don’t pop my cork for just anyone. This babe is so fucking good in bed, you would not believe.

Waitress Suki – I dreamed last night that I was back waitressing – spilling food and drink on people and fucking the customers and their pet rabbits. Good times!

Suki gets the girl – Some babes take a lot of persuading before they’ll let me fuck them. Usually a lot of kissing works.

Suki plans ahead – There’s no harm in lining up one’s evening entertainment straight after a breakfast shag, is there?

Suki’s demanding sugar daddy – The drawback of being someone’s Mistress. They always expect you to be “fuck-ready” no matter what else you’re doing. Normally I don’t mind dropping everything to be fucked but this guy will soon be history.

Suki sucks professionally – Always up for a blowjob, that’s me. Even though I get paid I don’t regard it as a job at all. More of a pleasurable hobby that I’ve turned into a paid profession.

Fucking and sucking with Suki – I could fill my days with dick plus the occasional pussy as a change or a rest. Fortunately for me there is no shortage of supply.

Suki behind the cameras – It’s amazing the difference in guys’ attitude to me whenever I go blonde. They treat me as some sort of sexual moron. I know who the real morons are.

Suki loves to suck cocks and fuck – A little montage of the “cocks-I-have-sucked” variety here. I will never get tired of fellating well-endowed men!

Suki says let’s share – There are those times in life when you want to share your bounty with the deprived of this world. This was one such occasion.

Two more guys fuck Suki – There is something about being gently squeezed between two guys who have their dicks in you. It’s an intangible, indefinable feeling of being “totally fucked.”

Suki sucks again – Always a sucker for prime man meat, I do my best to please these guys and their pink hosepipes. The first coming should be OK. It’s the second coming I worry about!

Nurse Suki’s little miracle – Nursing can be so complicated with such long hours and varied treatments. I think I’ve mastered the basics though.

That black cock keeps coming – Funny that so many of the doctors need the same treatments as the patients, isn’t it?

Pussy posers – Thank goodness for a little relaxation time with my fellow nurses. A pussy break is always welcome.

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