Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki lives it up

Suki may have a date – Yes, sometimes I do encounter petite and scantily clad Suki look-alikes scattered around the house. And I invariably suggest having sex with them. If I can’t fuck me-doubles who can I fuck?

The taking of Suki 1, 2, 3 – Three is one of my favourite numbers. It’s great when three guys work in harmony to give and take pleasure from me.

Suki goes Ancient Greek – I’m not sure if it was a guy who was hung like a horse, a guy and a horse or a horse and I just imagined the guy part. It was one huge dick in my asshole whoever it belonged to.

Sweaty Suki – Sorry, I’m a little dishevelled. I think it may have been a couple of donkeys who had me this time.

She could lose her head – As incentives to give a perfect blowjob go, a sharp sword resting on the back of your neck has to rate pretty highly. I always give a good one even without the sword.

The puritan in me – Seems to be giving me a warning to be careful where I flash my pussy. I’ll take his advice once he’s fucked me.

Suki Van Threesome – My girlfriend and I go Dutch. What originally started out as a snatched fuck in the back of a van soon transformed itself into a threesome.

Half the premium rate – Very good value for money, I’d say.

You will pay – The cheek of some people, expecting everything to just be handed to them!

Mount Suki – Yes, that probably is an order. My south face can be testing even for a skilled climber with his own crampons.

More cock for Suki – Here I am chomping at the bit again. My insatiable love of cock just cannot be quenched.

Suki swings like a pendulum do – Sometimes a girl has to hang around and wait to be fucked. Blonde me should get some action from here on.

Suki’s prisoner – A new toy for me to play with. I’ll soon have that cock erect and proud, don’t worry.

Some test marketing – How will this guy react to some erotic literature? Will it be what I’ve written or me reading it that excites him?

The dick reaction – Sure enough he reacted in all the right places as I read aloud to him. I thought his cock might go through the roof of my dungeon at one point!

Fucking Suki – Oh, that so familiar feeling of damp grass on my back and ass as I stretch my legs of a morning. Why can’t there be more days like this?

Really fucking Suki – Maybe because there seem to be more and more days like this with multiple cocks all for me.

Suki is a girl with no limits – I like three, but I also like four, five and six while seven, eight and nine aren’t bad either.

Me next – As you know, I don’t limit myself to guys either.

A bone for the dog – Giving pleasure to men and other dumb animals is a calling, you know, and I’ve definitely been called a lot.

BBC One – He just picked me up and now he’s using me. Do you hear me complain?

Fresh black cock for a starving blonde – I’m a sucker when it comes to the BBC.

Straight for the essentials – Next to a man’s wallet are his balls in degrees of importance. I figure I should keep a tight hold on both!

Outstanding in the field – Amazing what you have to do to grab some people’s attention!

The sanctuary of Suki’s breasts – Of course, I kiss away troubles and I’ve been known to lick troubled pussies for hours on end to cheer them up.

Kremlin assassin – Do you like my array of weapons? Can I interest you in a snow job? I think you get out what you put in!

Death of a window cleaner – Lesbian frolics in the bedroom and window cleaners don’t mix. It was an accident just waiting to happen!

The Delhi maids are not what they seem – Another day in the life of a brothel in rural France where Suki and the other girls have to graft for their daily euro.

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