Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s next trick

Suki’s city – Belfast, this is my city. As I move through its dank streets late at night I ask myself one question. Why do I keep being arrested?

Suki side on – Ha-ha! Posing nude holds no fears for me. I laugh at the long arm of the law, especially in those few blissful seconds before I’m arrested again.

Suki off-the-shoulder – You can’t touch me, copper, even when I’m pixelated. I’ve still got my clothes on, see!

Batgirl Suki – I wear this mask so that nobody will recognise me as Batgirl. Yea, it’s me underneath. Fooled you, didn’t I?

Leather jacket Suki – At last I’ve got it right. You can’t touch me now that I’m fully clothed, officer, except if I start soliciting which, of course, I have no intention of doing. Honest!

Filling up pussy – This poor cock was freezing. It needed shelter and warmth like a refugee. Anyone with an ounce of human feeling would have done the same.

A pool fucking for Suki – Partying by the pool is my kinda entertainment. The guys seem to enjoy it too.

Three guys, one Suki – They don’t call me a party animal for nothing! Yeah! Get stuck into me, guys!

Desiring Suki – This was a while ago but it illustrates the fact that I’m constantly running the gauntlet of men feeling me up. I’m the totally innocent one in all of this lust and debauchery, you know!

Pulling Suki – Even the dentist wants to tweak my clit rather than polish my incisors. The number of times I’ve been fucked in that chair!

Raping the babysitter – There is no upper or lower age limit to the guys wanting to fuck me. I guess I just have to accept it’s what guys do!

Chop Suki – If they don’t want to fuck me, it seems, they’re quite happy to eat me. At least to eat my pussy, anyway.

Breakfast at Suki's – I suppose I must reciprocate if there are genitalia to be chewed.

An elevated moment – Everyone needs a lift now and again, if only for screwing in.

Tarzan fucks Suki – Well, he went through the motions anyway. It was all over so fast I half think it must have been a daydream!

All for one – Despite this guy’s wishful thinking there are some threesomes that will not work and this was one of them.

Suki and the boy wonder – My boyfriend’s son is pestering me again. I wish I had the resolve to resist.

A fucking failure – I should have realised that nothing good would come of fucking a seventeen year old novice. It’s my own fault for being so easy.

Dizzy Suki – The little beggar saw his chance again when I was at my most vulnerable.

Fucking success – This time he succeeded in nailing me to the mattress. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time he would fuck the living daylights out of me.

Desire burns fiercely – The next time he caught me naked in the bedroom I had to give him a blowjob to keep him happy.

Suki betrayed – On another occasion we discovered my boyfriend fucking the next-door neighbour. I was so fucking angry.

Fuck me stupid – It gave his son carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with me. I think he was shocked by how eagerly my cunt swallowed his teenage dick.

Suki and Blondie – I’m back on the singles dating scene here with my favourite blonde chum. If we don’t score with the guys we’ll fuck each other like crazy later on.

Suki wants a car – I enlisted the mechanic next door into another of my teenage sexual adventures.

A spin with Suki – I realised I had to start raking in the cash pronto if I was to buy the recommended vehicle.

Too sexy for this dress – Once I’ve got my hand on your cock you don’t stand a chance, honey.

Suki, the ultimate fuck-doll – A tit wrap around followed by a deep throater. This guy is fucked!

The perfect cock – The suck of the century and I have a mouth full of cum once more. Yeah!

You gotta fuck me – There are plenty more sex-mechanics out there for a nice girl to get her teeth into. Come and get me, boys!

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