Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki – sailor, slave, schoolgirl and more

Suki is on her way to Mexico – This is my kind of skirt length! The nipples, camel toe and child-bearing hips also tell a story. I was made for sex, so why not in Mexico?

Suki packs a punch – I’m in fighting mode here, folks. Beware of the Suki!

A little hostility – Although it looks at first glance as if my girlfriend and I are having an argument, that is not the case. Later on I will be able to vent my anger, though. Wait for it!

Curvy Suki – I think I’d make a good Bond girl. Rubber becomes me, I fancy.

Suki sure can pick them – I’m fed up with Internet dating. It just doesn’t work, does it?

What Big Black Cock actually means – Yes, it means too big for Suki, I’m afraid!

Sexy Suki sucks – These graffiti writers sometimes get it spot on.

The good ship Lollipop – Amazing what a ship’s captain has to do to keep the crew from mutiny. Lollipops all round, I think.

Suki the coxswain – You can never have too much nautical cock. Ah, the fresh taste of brine and seamen!

Suki faces her punishment – I was constantly getting into trouble as a schoolgirl. At least I managed to keep my stocking seams straight, if not myself.

Suki’s lesbian playground – My bottom paid the price for my frisky paws.

Dungeon deal – I progressed from being a teenage delinquent to being a young adult delinquent but always managed to find someone to punish me.

Slave girl Suki – I took to sex slavery like a duck to water.

Arab Spring – Many an Arab had a spring in his step thanks to me.

Death in Kabul – I’m a girl with a mission.

Suki’s desert hell-hole – Lust for my girlfriend’s body distracts me from the task in hand.

Farewell to my honeybear – I have a reason to survive. I must make sure I do.

Death to all Infidels – Did I succeed in my mission? Decide for yourselves. I cannot tell you of the outcome here.

Women can bridge the gap – I very much doubt it. The gap is far too great!

Tree hump – It’s back to Nature for me and isn’t Nature glad?

What a dive – I know I can be a distraction but this guy really should have had more sense. I’m just not to blame!

Suki strikes out – Not every man succumbs to my charms, of course. I think I may scare off a few.

Don’t let the nuns get you – I was neither a pupil nor a novice nun but even just walking innocently past the Convent building is a no-no, it seems.

Girls’ night – I knew my hair would grow back eventually. In the meantime I would just carry on as if nothing had happened.

Horse riding – Field work can be such fun if you stray into the right field.

Suki and her fuck buddies – All girl threesomes in the open air are always a delight. Girl scouts have more fun. We’re smarter than the average pair.

Won’t somebody look after my pussy? – My Ancient Egyptian ancestor Sukitep clearly had problems ensuring the welfare of her pussy too.

A flash makes the difference – Thank goodness. For a moment there I thought I’d lost it!

Chez Suki – My favourite red-head is pissed off because she doesn’t get on with my family and friends. I think the fact that I keep trying to have sex with her may also be causing some friction.

Slender Suki – Do I look fat in this picture or has the fun-fair mirror done its job properly?

Vampire Suki – I fancy a bite. Care to join me?

Superstar Suki – A little friendly wrestle never hurt anybody, now did it?

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