Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki – the next chapter

Super Suki is Go – Yes, of course, I’m a super person. You knew that already. But underneath my everyday persona there lurks a world-saving heroine, ready to burst forth at the mere hint of an evil villain in the neighbourhood. So, you may ask, what is the difference between Super Suki and Wonder Suki? Well, I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you!

On your knees before me – Yes, there’s even a smidgin of Goddess about me. I expect to be worshipped, people. Oh, yes, I do.

Domesticated Suki – Of course, I do the housework which makes me rather ordinary, but I do it in the nude which makes me special again. There’s no getting away from it.

Maid service – I’m no ordinary maid, though. A kinky one, that’s me. Tie me up so that I can’t polish the floor and see if I care.

Sex toy Suki – I’m really in my element here. Manacled in a dungeon and spattered with cum. Home at last!

Refreshment dispenser – My boyfriend’s teenage son really does take advantage of my good nature.

Nose to the grindstone – No, I wouldn’t rather work in a call-centre. This is just fine by me.

Pleading for a fuck – Don’t let a clumsy attempt to stitch up my vagina put you off. Fuck me, Master, please!

Naked slave girl Suki – I see! You’re going to really make me beg, are you? OK, then!

Basement selection – The Master has so much choice and it’s all quality pussy. How can a girl possibly stand out from the competition?

Using Suki – At least this time I’m being fucked. I reckon it’s the stockings and suspenders that clinched it for me.

Girl sex show – Sometimes a strap-on fuck from a girlfriend is the best one can do. Shit, all those cocks going to waste.

Keeping the girls happy – Your up-market sex slaves today have the latest technology to keep them amused when not being abused.

Hot pot – Fuck! Blondes for lunch again! We need variety in our diet for fuck’s sake!

Suki and friends – Posing for a sorority team photo on a visit to the countryside. My girlfriends are great!

Girls together – Me time with my honey. Hugging, kissing, tribbing and chatting – a girls’ night in.

We’re busy – Another day, another lesbian sex show. A woman’s work is never done!

Suki loves you – Just because you have lousy dress sense and are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I won’t love you, sweet honey.

Suki awaits her next fucking – It’s so peaceful here in the pool and it will be until HE comes back.

The genie is a pimp – Like every girl I can be magical sometimes. Nothing is for free, though.

Pole dancing Suki – Keep that money coming and I’ll keep on dancing for you.

Suki – overflowing with cum – Being fucked all day (and night) can be hard work!

Suki in the south of France – The change of scenery should do me good, although one ceiling looks pretty much like another.

Blue movie – A two for one special makes for variety, the spice of life.

Bouncing on my uncle’s lap – Good old Uncle Scarface could always make me scream for one reason or another.

Rear entry – The back way into my pussy is a much travelled route. It even has an overtaking lane.

Nude with the newts – Sometimes chlorine has its uses. A bathroom or indoor public pool may be better than back to nature.

Suki goes to London – I love shopping. The more shops there are, the happier is your Suki.

Sweet Suki – Like my new outfit? And they say I’m not girlfriend material!

Eating out Suki style – Why bother with a meal out in a restaurant when you can eat me out at home? Pussy is the main dish on the menu in the starters, main course and dessert sections, all washed down with the finest vintage cum. Bon appetit!

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