Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez


Suki upside down – Sorry, I’m just missing being in Australia. I’m also missing the cock that was fucking me doggy fashion. It’s good to have a fresh perspective on things. I’m sure my world view will be influenced by the blood rushing to my head instead of to my pussy.

Sword girl Suki – Do you like my jewellery and matching sword? I think it makes me look more Martian than the Martians in this desert landscape.

Cock sliding Suki – This is the only kind of ride I want at Alton Towers. A helter-skelter run for my pussy.

Suki waits patiently to be fucked – Here I am. Please fuck me!

Alien seduction – Whoops! It looks like a Martian has beaten you to it. He’s working wonders in my pussy, so I shan’t complain.

Suki gets the honey – The BBBs have all deposited their rich, creamy nectar upon me and made me feel like a queen.

Fucking myself – Yes, sex with my long lost twin look-a-like is a little strange. Since we have practically identical bodies I feel I know her so well and the love-making is therefore more personal and spectacular. I would happily fuck myself every day.

More cum for Suki – I was going to say – “Put a cock in my mouth and I’ll be quiet for hours,” but that clearly isn’t the case here. Apart from all the sucking noises I’m talking away between gulps like some demented cock-sucking bitch.

Meeting online – I’ve done some silly things in my time. This was probably among the silliest.

Suki’s ups and downs – I didn’t win. They disqualified me before the finals. I still fucked the clerk though. My word is my bond and all that. I just like fucking too.

Viva Espana – Just for a change I indulged myself with an overdose of sex on my Spanish holiday. I reckon I lived on cum for a full week.

Porn star Suki – Work and private life have to stay separate except when they overlap which wasn’t the case this time.

Martial arts training for Suki – I do love my training and respect my Master but I really want to spend my spare time getting laid, certainly not in mid-air.

Train for success – This particular public performance seems to have been in sound only for most people. We were happy to pump up the volume for those a little further away from the action. Sexy fun is for everyone.

The power of suggestion – My friend’s dreams, it seems, are even weirder than mine. I don’t know what to make of this except that my graphic description of lesbian sex with the twins must have left an impression.

More threesomes, anyone? – I don’t really need to be chained up like this but my boyfriend says if he couldn’t tether me to the radiator from time to time his cock would never get any rest.

Suki makes a deal – One of my better trade-offs, I reckon. I get a cute little lesbian and my boyfriend’s son loses his virginity to someone his own age.

Suki on board – With my gypsy girlfriend fucking me during a pleasure cruise, I get rather fast and loose on deck.

The lesbian show – Of course, I knew that the sailors were watching. It made the performance all the more exciting.

A sausage for Suki – Being fucked by a giant sausage was a highlight of my relationship with my gypsy girlfriend. She could wield that sausage like a massive cock that she plunged into me repeatedly.

Suki – the rescue mission – Freed from the pirates’ cruel clutches by my older female lover, I soon made a complete recovery. It helped knowing that my torturers were getting a taste of their own medicine.

Spectator at an orgy – These Halloween parties get weirder every year. I just go for the sex myself.

Suki, the Vampire Slayer – This particular lesbian vampire overstepped the mark and had to be dispatched. One can only spare a certain amount of life-force and if the bitch gets too greedy I guess it’s curtains for her.

Suki’s universal cure – Here I am dispensing my BMA and BUPA approved pussy once more. Nurse Suki is always on hand with her miracle cure. It works fucking wonders or do I mean it’s a fucking wonder it works?

Suki’s choice – Yes, pussy comes first.

Suki sucks the dwarf – I’m not dwarfist, me. When I’m Wondersuki almost anything can happen and usually does.

Suki is more dog – I’m back with a doggy fashion fuck when I’m at my most submissive. He’ll throw a stick for me to fetch in a minute.

Suki is fucked in the garage – A neighbour’s son intercepted me as I staggered home from a party and banged me against the garage wall. Jesus, was he good!

Sumo Suki – A big nappy and a bare chest grappling with another girl and being applauded by a crowd of Japanese men. Just part of the culturally diverse life of your favourite Suki!

Suki soaked – Covered in sweat, I’m fit for nothing but an early bath.

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