Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez


A Suki spread – Yummy, truly delicious pussy – prêt-à-manger. Get it here or “to go,” but make sure you get it!

Supersuki saves the day – Four horny guys all demanding my services. I need to be a superhero to cope.

Suki, the multi-tasker – Yes, all age groups catered for. I’m a must-have home accessory alright.

A burning passion – Fucking me and eating strawberries at the same time is not only decadent in the extreme but also guaranteed to set the house on fire.

Suki’s asshole has a tight hold – Warning! Once you’re in me you may never be let go again. Your cock could be clamped in a restricted area.

Suki takes it up the backside – When you’re tied up like this there is very little you can do to prevent a guy doing whatever he wants. I’ll know better the next time, though knowing doesn’t always prevent things happening.

Pure as the driven snow – There was a time when I was sweet and innocent and unsullied by huge penises drilling into me. Hard to believe, I know.

Satan’s daughter Suki – One harmless little bit of lesbianism and I qualify as the most evil person in the world, eh? It’s stretching credulity to its limits.

Suki’s devilish punishment – Yeah, just a barrel of laughs, isn’t it? At the time it wasn’t. I was so fucking dizzy and so fucking full of cum at both ends! So, at least there was an upside then!

It’s the whip for Suki – Even when I consent to sex I still get a beating. That just doesn’t seem fair. I should be let off the whipping on account of my bad behaviour.

A close call – Ah, the long lost sister gambit! It seems to be working this time.

Dish of the day – I was under an obligation to repay my rescuer. I always pay my debts in full with interest. We fucked for an eternity.

Suki takes control – Never let it be said that my pussy does not give value. Fucking me guarantees an orgasm every time.

A pendulum that’s “fuck-ready” – These guys look kinda worn out after stringing me up and making me swing in harmony with their thrusting erections. Me, I could swing all day and night with all the hard cocks you could throw at me.

Fucking my face – Yes, I’m a dream cum-bucket with a diploma in spunk-swallowing. Shower me with your sperm, guys! I can’t get enough of it!

Gang-bang aftermath – And relax! After a comprehensive fucking in all three gateways I like to wind down and contemplate life on an astral plane. Stellar stuff!

Mine to fuck – Some guys think that they own me but they don’t. I’m my own person and I decide if they can fuck me or not. Funny how I always decide that they can, though!

Low self-esteem – It’s a complete myth that I have low self-esteem, though of course I want guys to like me and I’ll bend over ten ways of backwards to ensure that they do.

Suki’s blonde sex-slave – I always treat my slaves with tenderness and only beat them when they really, really (and I do mean really) deserve it.

Strip show girls need a rota – This seems like good organisation and proper girl management. A fucking rota is a useful device but I still wouldn’t say no to an all-in orgy now and again.

Keep those pussies coming – I love it when impromptu sex happens. Spur of the moment fucking is usually a treat.

Is ignorance bliss? – My friend and I were trying hard to be noticed without any success. Just as well the guy had a good reason for not being impressed. I was about to pour his drink over him.

Suki and her boyfriend’s son – I believe in keeping it in the family, as you’ll know if you’ve read my novel “The Pussy Pendulum.” In this case it was like father, like son and I’ve been thoroughly fucked by both of them.

Suki spots a fuck – Breaking off from a photoshoot to have sex with the photographer’s assistant was one of my better ideas. One good grope later and we were both ready for it.

Suki gets a rabbit – Guys, presents are good but they require thought and a certain finesse. Don’t try it with a scattergun approach like this chump.

Suki’s bargain dress – Some girls will go to any lengths to get me between the sheets. All they have to do is ask!

Let’s admire our pussies – Comparing your naked body with a girlfriend’s is not always a good idea …

Suki rides to Nirvana - … unless it leads to a spontaneous fucking session with her.

A game of tones – Artists and illustrators like to play around with me too. I have the utmost respect for them, especially when they fuck with me.

Suki clocks out – You know the way you feel when you’ve just been fucked by an entire shift of miners coming straight from the colliery! Well, so do I!

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