Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The Suki Jensen-Ramirez effect

Suki in New York – I still manage to be sexy in spite of the rain and being ill-treated by New Yorkers. A girl has to expect this sort of thing in the Naked City and the Big Apple.

Suki at the pole – My pole dancing debut and I succeed in wowing the crowd in the Subway. Now all I need to do is get a job in a nightclub.

Submissive Suki – Oh, Yeah! – This is me after a thorough spanking. Am I prostrate enough for you, Big Guy?

Suki votes Democrat – It was an old trick but I thought it might work. One private booth is pretty much like another, you know.

Sexy Suki saved by siren – Ahhh! Our wonderful law enforcement officers. Where would a working girl be without them?

Begging Suki for a fuck – Me to the rescue again. Well, I couldn’t let her suffer, could I?

Sending Suki to nirvana – Oh, my crevasse would like to be delved into a lot more often, believe me.

Sexy Suki clicks with redhead at Tesco – Supermarkets are pretty ideal places for finding potential sexual partners. This girl and I knew immediately what we both wanted and it wasn’t today’s special offer.

Sampling the Suki – The redhead was a must for my trolley and my pussy was clearly top of her shopping list for ingredients. Strange that the store didn’t know how to spell “whores”, though!

Suki grabs a babe – There are times when you know you just have to take someone in your arms and make crazy love to them on the spot. The urge comes over me quite often as a matter of fact.

Winning ways – When everything else is equal in the beauty stakes there has to be one deciding factor. Luckily I know what that is and the judges somehow sensed it in me too.

Suki is innocent – There’s a special kind of satisfaction when you do something naughty and someone else gets the blame. I know – I’m an evil woman!

Seeing Suki at the sauna – As it happens I do go for older men so this guy was in luck. I believe in sharing myself out as much as possible so that everyone can be happy at least for a while. It’s my contribution to stable democracy.

Naked Suki reclining – Here I’m just chilling for a few minutes before my next fuck comes along. I’ll take a sneaky peek to see who it is.

Suki in gold – When men give you expensive presents you should always take the trouble to wear them. Well, it’s no trouble really!

No spikes for Suki – I think the theme here is sharp little pricks and there are plenty of them about. As you can see, I don’t need drugging before I’m ready to be fucked.

When blondes collide – I know it’s a cliché but it has no basis in fact really. Blondes are just as perceptive as anyone else, particularly in recognising that guys prefer them.

Happy Birthday Suki – Whose birthday is it anyway? This guy seems to think it’s his rather than mine. Oh, well, I suppose I’ll have to suck him off in any case, if I’m ever to get any of the cake and Champagne.

It’s my hair colour, honest – I think when you colour your hair blonde you have an obligation to adopt the typical blonde persona as well. I’m quite a good actress, I think!

Always follow the instructions to the letter – That way you can never go wrong!

What a friendly girl I am – It’s something to do with the rhythmic motions of the train. It just has that hypnotic effect on me sometimes. If I feel like a snack I hate having to go all the way to the buffet car, don’t you? No one has ever complained.

Bar Girl Suki – I worked for four months as a Bar Girl in Munich. When a female customer came in (which was very rarely) I would make straight for her and get stuck in.

Sexy blonde Suki goes nude – I adore the freedom of having nothing on in the open air. The fact that guys automatically assume because they can see your pussy you must want to share it with them is one of the few drawbacks of being naked in public. Even I need a break from fucking occasionally.

Take that – Yes, when I get mad my hair will sometimes change to red automatically. How strange!

I need another cunt – Like a hole in the head! Actually I’ve got one of those already, guys. It’s called a mouth and it’s there to help me cater for more than one guy at a time. Still, if you want to be together that much I’m happy to come between you!

Blind date shock – Some guys do lack confidence when they encounter me. In this case I can understand why.

The Suki Jensen-Ramirez effect – I’m more than happy to pose in the nude for art classes but some people aren’t quite mentally attuned to cope with me full frontal, I guess.

Sexy Suki spans the generation gap – Recalling my time in a Parisian brothel, I did meet lots of interesting people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Some of them were deceptively adept …

Spank the Suki – I’m soooo fucking naughty I could never be spanked enough to atone for all my sins. Better just to scream and enjoy it!

Sexy Suki says – You really must get hold of my novel “The Pussy Pendulum” and devour it whole. It’s such a good read and will make you feel just every bit as horny as I do!

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