Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Visions of Suki

Suki specky – I’m a busy girl, getting up to all sorts of fun things with my girlfriends. I’d like you to have fun with me too.

Nurse Suki phones – I’m on night duty at the Sex Clinic. Time to order pizza, I think.

Are you ready to donate? – No need for pornographic magazines. This is sperm donation made easy. You can even come on my face if you want to!

Suki selfie – Just checking in the mirror that I’m still here. I think I’ll commemorate the fact that I am!

Suki flashes – Do my tits look big in this?

Slinky Suki – To give you an outline of the situation – I reckon I need filled in.

Exotic Suki – I dig my hour-glass figure but my face has looked better. It must be the tropical heat’s effect on my make-up.

Free sex – I wonder who’s giving it away?

Suki gets it from both ends – Ah! My favourite position in life. Men just spoil me.

Foursome fun – Yes, this does it for me. Busy, busy girl.

Time for drunken debauchery – It’s always time.

Teen Suki tantalises – Growing up in proximity to a brothel does provide you with an education.

Suki starts a forest fire – The perils of open air fucking! When two pieces of wood collide there’s always the risk of fire.

Suki is a live wire – A strap-on electric dildo can work wonders in a wet pussy.

Suki is the way – That’s fighting talk from both of us. Who will come out on top?

Back alley guy – Why is it that the rough and ready types always make straight for the anus? Shit loves shit, I guess.

A thorough cleansing for Suki – Ah, the pleasures of a warm bath after a dirty episode!

A well-stuffed pussy – Yes, glazed vegetables are my favourite too.

Sukitep fights back – Poor Sukitep had it hard way back in Ancient History. The guys then also thought they were God’s gift and went straight for the ass.

A royal threesome for Sukitep – She was so like me it’s almost as if we were related.

Suki gets it from the Sheik – Life as the harem favourite can have its drawbacks.

Suki is over the moon – Thank goodness for Halloween when I can go for a spin on my broomstick, naked of course.

Death of a “salesman” – Stick close to the priest and you won’t go far wrong if it’s money and sex you’re after.

Suki’s penis penance – Nurse Suki is a real Godsend for patients and priests alike.

You can’t get her on the NHS – Funny, a huge boner does always impress me. I may be shallow and blonde here but I know what I like.

Home sweet Suki – I guess I’m just so trusting when it comes to bondage. I had to bribe her not to ring my Mom. What else could I do?

Hot milk – I’m sure there are other ways to get a hot milk drink but I just couldn’t think of them at the time, OK?

No escape – My friend just refuses to wear a seatbelt. It’s for her own good I’m doing this. Honestly!

Pendulum Training – The regime at this training facility is really very strict. Good for the back muscles, they say!

The old orgy escape trick – Distracting the guard was the easy part. Getting away without being missed – that was fucking hard!

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